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01411894685 or +441411894685

Raf commented 27/01/2021
Dodgy callcenter claiming to work for microsoft and that something's wrong with my computer. How would they even know?


01413653986 or +441413653986

Raf commented 27/01/2021
Dodgy call center alledgedly calling for microsoft, claiming something is wrong with my computer. How would they even know?


07189028375 or +447189028375

Xx commented 27/01/2021
This number called me and I didn’t answer and when i tried calling back is saying that this number is unallocated


07404478226 or +447404478226

Dave commented 27/01/2021
Recd a whatsup msg, It has PP of a smart Girl, on whatsup, says she is May from Phillipines , working in Hongkong. Not sure, it may be a Fraudster.


08719396149 or +448719396149

Stephen commented 27/01/2021
The number flashed my number at around 2am and I don't know the and I don't know why the person calling at these night hours or the person is a scammer


07723591227 or +447723591227

herr commented 26/01/2021
besoin de savoir la personne de ce numéro de gsm +447723591227


07454484144 or +447454484144

Angelos Grammatikos commented 26/01/2021
very annoying


07574603334 or +447574603334

Monira Begum commented 26/01/2021
Received an automated voice record about something fishy and related to my account security. I would like to know who called me.


07942820454 or +447942820454

rayven lollipop commented 26/01/2021
i am looking for the owner of this phone number , i am a friend of him from philippines... i just want to know if he is ok and i hope for that .. thanks if who can help me to communicate with him.


01788333997 or +441788333997

Utente 001 commented 26/01/2021
Ma mi informo su questo numero vuol dire che non lo conosco...e quindi come faccio a fare un commento?


01224051259 or +441224051259

Arben commented 26/01/2021
this number +441224051259is calling me so tell him dont call because you will have consequences.


07498833583 or +447498833583

Oszust commented 26/01/2021
Bogdan builder nie wypłaca pieniędzy za wykonaną pracę


07375255245 or +447375255245

Brooke commented 26/01/2021


07923037379 or +447923037379

rosecharish markskelven commented 26/01/2021
Tell me who owns this phone number?


01344687432 or +441344687432

Alexander Harvey commented 26/01/2021
Received call from 01344687432 regarding purchase of fone using my card. I have made no such purchase, so I believe this a scam


07598286553 or +447598286553

David commented 26/01/2021
Is it possible to track where the owner of this phone number is?


07365159904 or +447365159904

indah commented 26/01/2021
hati hati dengan nomor ini. awas jangan sampai kena tipu


07899838936 or +447899838936

Julie commented 26/01/2021
Received a recorded message from this number saying there had been fraudulent use of my National Insurance number and to press 1 before they take legal action. Assume this kind of call would not be on a mobile number with a recorded message!


07401477120 or +447401477120

VICKI KIEM commented 26/01/2021
i have not answered ths number but it keep ringing me about the same time most days what should i do.


07451281111 or +447451281111

Gurangak commented 26/01/2021
Who is no