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01615211948 or +441615211948

Jay commented 28/09/2020


01757825277 or +441757825277

Anon commented 28/09/2020
This is a SCAM CALL. The scam is 'Amazon Auto-Renew'. They say Amazon will automatically charge £59.99 to your bank account as your Amazon Prime is being 'auto-renewed' and if you do not want this to go ahead, to press 1. I did press 1 and got straight through to a man with an Indian accent. There was no hold music, no telling me I'm in a queue and no automated message first telling me the call was recorded/monitored for training/quality purposes, just straight through to him. He asked if I was had a computer or a laptop and if it was Windows or Mac and said he'd have to give me a code in order to get it cancelled. I swore a bit and hung up. Since discovered it's a total scam and they want your bank details. Full info on this link: Realised afterwards that Amazon don't even have my landline telephone number! This scam is also operating from tel number: 02395672871.


01164890578 or +441164890578

Billy commented 28/09/2020
A guy called Matthew rang about loft insulation... Hmmm!


02080897347 or +442080897347

Opa commented 28/09/2020
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