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02487236423 or +442487236423

Wilson spencer commented 28/12/2020
Qui est ce?


07380794617 or +447380794617

Mr Gil commented 28/12/2020
A fake Huawei promotion involves sending an international SMS to 20 mobile numbers including this one.


07810210512 or +447810210512

K.Gillies commented 28/12/2020
Says it's from the NHS and asking me to apply my co**d vaccine is this right?? I thought I'd get informed by my G.P. is this a scam??


07472055800 or +447472055800

dmitri commented 28/12/2020
this is a scam do not contact them very dangerous and very good psychologists do not contact them do not give money


07881426466 or +447881426466

Earth in Space commented 27/12/2020
sending messages that are not correct and seem like a scam


07342166353 or +447342166353

Dave Ray commented 27/12/2020
Think its a scam No. For Loydds Bank


07464025656 or +447464025656

Paypal Scam commented 27/12/2020
Fake Paypal text message scam.. PayPal: A limitation has been placed on your account. Please verify your billing details via:


07900524113 or +447900524113

Anonymous commented 27/12/2020
Hi, i did not get your name but i do like you a lot :) i hope that you dont forget me hehe


07537438060 or +447537438060

Anonymous commented 27/12/2020
Text claiming to be from HSBC talking about a transaction that didn't happen.


07486856681 or +447486856681

Nate commented 27/12/2020
If I find out something, I will write


07395805577 or +447395805577

MALIK ALI commented 27/12/2020
Who called me?