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01472898993 or +441472898993

Ollsnanny commented 05/10/2020
I answered it was a call centre by the noise but no one spoke


07312539325 or +447312539325

kevser commented 05/10/2020
hello. who is it?


07961009148 or +447961009148

Karen Upton commented 04/10/2020
Text message received saying LLOYDS : a payment was attempted from a new device. If not you please cancel by visiting Lloyd’s website link. I don’t bank with Lloyd’s


07904652232 or +447904652232

Andre commented 04/10/2020
Claimed to be from Halifax reporting suspicious activity on my account!


09102508681 or +449102508681

Jerome Judy Dalisay commented 04/10/2020
Block This Person Who Make This My Contact #


07932231028 or +447932231028

Steve commented 04/10/2020
Telling us unusual activity for PayPal checked account all's well I think it's a scam call


07449733861 or +447449733861

Patrick McCormack commented 04/10/2020
This number messaged me saying it was from my bank(Halifax) and that my account had been compromised and to click on a link to resolve the problem. I do not have an account with the Halifax so it is either a mistake or a scam, almost certainly the latter.


07380347296 or +447380347296

Bongekile commented 04/10/2020
This number +447380347296 is number used by ppl who claim to be working in the bank of England process a claim for your relative.they demand you to open an online bank account with global access and than you will have to pay an activation fee


07417402004 or +447417402004

Ashfaq commented 04/10/2020
Hi plz tell me who is the customer of that number


07312451230 or +447312451230

Benny Floden commented 04/10/2020
Seems like this number may be used by a scammer


01603574089 or +441603574089

Turbo * commented 04/10/2020
Who else has this number called? Already tired of my calls.


01482456273 or +441482456273

Quinn Miers * commented 04/10/2020
I am looking for the owner of a phone number. I need to know who it is.


01316205755 or +441316205755

Carter * commented 04/10/2020
They constantly call and are silent. Already tired, probably someone is indulging.


01132069999 or +441132069999

Phyllis * commented 04/10/2020
An SMS came that I won a prize. This is a lie.


01134990057 or +441134990057

Yakshit * commented 04/10/2020
I want to know who called me. This number has not been recorded in any way.


07984656380 or +447984656380

Amanda Hollings commented 04/10/2020
Shocked at lack of decorum Absolutely unprofessional Common trash chav Do not let this builder in your home


07928738648 or +447928738648

HASLIYANA BINTI HAMZAH commented 04/10/2020
Who is owner this number


03004220974 or +443004220974

Dakc commented 04/10/2020
Who can I clarify the location of the phone? I want to track the phone.


07927881499 or +447927881499

Abdur rahman commented 04/10/2020
Yes my help me


07898439873 or +447898439873

Sue commented 04/10/2020
Received text saying it was paypal. My account suspended until I go on link below and fill in relevant information Ignored it and accessed my paypal and my account was running ok