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01373125100 or +441373125100

Rod Liversidge commented 06/10/2020
Wanting you to have been in a motor accident. Wish them all the best that they find a proper job.


01354080290 or +441354080290

Linda commented 06/10/2020
Phoned at 1710. Went hung up when i picked it up.


01513290047 or +441513290047

W.-D.S. commented 06/10/2020
The owner of this number is a scam named Becky Anderson or Maria Duke and this number can only be reached via Whatsapp. Please do not transfer any money.


02036950168 or +442036950168

Nissing commented 06/10/2020
Wäre schön zu wissen von wem diese Nummer ist.


07796675559 or +447796675559

Anna commented 06/10/2020
some creep texting and ringing me late at night via WhatsApp, tried calling overnight, then video call at 5 am. block +avoid .


07376537765 or +447376537765

David commented 06/10/2020
Suspected fraudulent activity connected with O2 accounts.


01134840019 or +441134840019

Patrick * commented 06/10/2020
Calls from this number do not look like an error, someone insistently wants me to answer


01157690229 or +441157690229

Malcolm * commented 06/10/2020
This number calls and hangs up several times a day


01200411586 or +441200411586

Charles * commented 06/10/2020
Caller is always silent when I answer a call from this number


01227318127 or +441227318127

Larry * commented 06/10/2020
Very suspicious calls from this number, most likely spam


01292256139 or +441292256139

Norman * commented 06/10/2020
This number has already called me 6 times in the last hour


01306153012 or +441306153012

Jenny commented 06/10/2020
Cold callers who wrongly thought I had been in a car accident. Tried googling their name but couldn't find anything


02037205835 or +442037205835

Jo Hilton commented 06/10/2020
My husband was called from this number, he was told they were HMRC and that unless he pressed 1, there would be a warrant issued for his arrest for Tax Fraud. HE DID NOT press 1!


07529982147 or +447529982147

T commented 06/10/2020
dont know who called me by this one


07309397675 or +447309397675

Annie Sam commented 06/10/2020
J'aimerais tracer ce numéro


01787112719 or +441787112719

Anonymous commented 06/10/2020
Car crash scam


05522020231 or +445522020231

Lmn commented 06/10/2020
Very annoying calls


01494459186 or +441494459186

Sharon McDermott commented 06/10/2020
This is a scam. There’s a robot voice saying they are from Amazon Prime and your payment is about to be taken. I hung up but imagine that it would ask for bank details to cancel it!


07933900469 or +447933900469

vaibhav borade commented 06/10/2020
charles tom his my best friend his not and my call to that why i am searching his location and about him


07404854376 or +447404854376

Vigiesvaran commented 06/10/2020
I want to no about this person n where is this person live