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02085549251 or +442085549251

Reneli commented 07/10/2020
Sehr nerviges,störende, aufdringliche Werbeanrufer, die nach sperren mit einer anderer Nummer belästigt wird. Leider kann oder will diese Nummern aus dem Ausland nicht sperren


01663012536 or +441663012536

Angelbabe1uk commented 07/10/2020
I know nobody in derbyshire so unsure why they would be trying to ring me


07451205738 or +447451205738

Vhenz commented 07/10/2020
Is this phone numer is the number of express courier services?


07535455508 or +447535455508

Christine Hodgson commented 07/10/2020
Got a text saying they were from 02 network and that my payment hasn’t gone through. Had a link on it to resolve the matter. I am not on 02 but people who are might just be duped.


07310519021 or +447310519021

lucy commented 07/10/2020
SCAM claiming to be HSBC however i am not even with that bank and its also a mobile number so of course it is not the bank. ignore if you get a text from this number, it is NOT the bank


01955693096 or +441955693096

E Fig commented 07/10/2020
Suspicious call went unanswered I have no connections social or business with this area of the Country


01513080423 or +441513080423

Anonymous commented 07/10/2020
I had a missed call, when i dial later on this number it turned to be a voice mail saying that i have been activated some app... i ve closed straight away . This is a scam, do not dial in never!


02032455371 or +442032455371

Bob commented 07/10/2020
HMRC fraud call


07575822677 or +447575822677

H Mason commented 07/10/2020
Someone with this number took over a WhatsApp group 7-Oct-2020


01515622061 or +441515622061

Ben commented 07/10/2020
Caller was an automated recording stating they were from tax office saying there was a tax fraud case against me. It told me to press 1 to connect to an operator. Highly suspect this is a scam.


01142994735 or +441142994735

Liane commented 07/10/2020
Phishing, cold calling don’t leave a message but continuous! Don’t know anyone in Sheffield !


02039814796 or +442039814796

Tony commented 07/10/2020
Automatic message telling me that there is the fraud on my account and if I don't press 1 police will arrest me shortly. Really Are you really think that people are so stupid???!!!!!


02074122316 or +442074122316

Michaela commented 07/10/2020
Spam number


01515777493 or +441515777493

Paul commented 07/10/2020
Called me this morning, hung up on answer?... another scammer or data collector I would think


07520607557 or +447520607557

Leia Montes commented 07/10/2020
This is a scammer number. Beware!


07537105084 or +447537105084

Pina commented 07/10/2020
Yup!! Just reported him as well


07424191874 or +447424191874

Dr Sainath Andola commented 07/10/2020
I want to know the details of this number


07418335569 or +447418335569

Aranya commented 07/10/2020
I want to know the owner of this number.


07507889425 or +447507889425

P C Todd commented 07/10/2020
This number may well be a scam concerning Lloyds Bank


07477084821 or +447477084821

Tati Saguagan commented 07/10/2020
i want to know who is this number calling me, i always have this missed calls from this unknown number. kindly please help me to now know who is calling me.