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07984271924 or +447984271924

Jonathan Hall commented 08/10/2020
Scammer disguised as Three mobile.


01246891060 or +441246891060

Brian Gale commented 08/10/2020
Fraudulent? Timeshare?


07535455107 or +447535455107

Fred commented 08/10/2020
Text message gives (no doubt) dodgy link to make "missed" payment to "O2".


07748771805 or +447748771805

terri commented 08/10/2020
Who is owner of this phone


07398362852 or +447398362852

Bill commented 08/10/2020
Message from this number,said PayPal account had been hacked and to pass details on.Obviously didn’t haven’t got one


07538916364 or +447538916364

David commented 08/10/2020
This number purports to be from O2. It claims that your latest payment could not be processed and in order to avoid fees asks you to update your information via It is not from O2. Beware!


07544175715 or +447544175715

Kt commented 08/10/2020
Stolen number


01416798256 or +441416798256

Gary commented 08/10/2020
Fraud Alert!! Automated message claiming to be HMRC. Told to press 1 to connect to a tax officer or a warrant will be issued for my arrest.


07420622269 or +447420622269

RS commented 08/10/2020
Spam criminals.


07908268412 or +447908268412

OAP commented 08/10/2020
Scam text regarding new payee for bank account.


01327033827 or +441327033827

Steve G commented 08/10/2020
3 rings and hung up before I could answer. Don't know anyone in Daventry


07983721323 or +447983721323

OAP commented 08/10/2020
Scam texts regarding new payee set up on account which we do not have.


01513080448 or +441513080448

anonimus commented 08/10/2020
Napok, hetek óta folyamatosan hívogat, nem veszem fel, néha kinyomom de ez sem tántorítja el. Ha nem hagyja abba, kénytelen leszek megtenni a szükséges lépéseket.


01218785090 or +441218785090

John nFrench commented 08/10/2020
This number is a scam number purporting to be from Sky TV. Checked with Sky and they do not use this number


07515531604 or +447515531604

Elena commented 08/10/2020
+447515531604 is fraudster's number


01651767611 or +441651767611

DB commented 08/10/2020
Fake recorded message saying that my Amazon prime subscription was about to renew and I should press key 1 if I wanted to cancel it.


07398680045 or +447398680045

Catherine commented 08/10/2020
Received a text to say HMRC Have acquired your tax return funds and you’re now eligible to receive £360 . Follow the steps in the link provided


07951768919 or +447951768919

Katja commented 07/10/2020
Claimed to be from o2 and that payment hasn't gone through. Ask to go to and then ask for bank details. Very suspect. Didn't put details in and would not. Went to my usual O2 website and there is nothing on my account saying that a payment failed.


07861438795 or +447861438795

x commented 07/10/2020
This is a scam! Do not click on any links from this number.


01362132143 or +441362132143

Anon commented 07/10/2020
Spam bot call, when you phone it back it's a robotic voice message.