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07768495064 or +447768495064

Katrina mcqueen commented 09/01/2021
then said we might have a baby when my baby just got taken away it hurts


07862913235 or +447862913235

Matt Yeomans commented 09/01/2021
This number (claiming to be from HSBC) sent me a text saying a payment has been attempted to a payee from a NEW DEVICE and to click a link if it wasn't me. I'v never banked with HSBC...... LOL!!!!


07950621480 or +447950621480

phil commented 09/01/2021
This number states its from Paypal and is sent by txt and then wants to send you to a link to get your Bank Details. Be careful all.


07908625591 or +447908625591

Concernd Citizen. commented 09/01/2021
Receiving Test's from this number claiming my Account with O2 has invalid banking details. i think i should i am not with O2 :D, please be aware this is a scam.


07927171185 or +447927171185

Susan Collins commented 09/01/2021
I had this number call me today saying there is a problem with my package. I just deleted the message because I don't think I have a problem package.


07765707002 or +447765707002

SJ commented 09/01/2021
the user of this number is a scammer.


07990332115 or +447990332115

Ratman commented 09/01/2021
He's a cheat, not a good man


07895223445 or +447895223445

Masoud commented 09/01/2021
I got text message few times they telling me I have a Parcel Too pick up which is I know I don’t expecting any parcel I think is they scam


02037691720 or +442037691720

Zack edward commented 09/01/2021
It's a very great company


08715132425 or +448715132425

Finn commented 09/01/2021
Didn't hear a sound after I answered to the call. The call was hang up after 5 silent seconds.


07300217761 or +447300217761

Alan commented 09/01/2021
Purported to be about terminating Amazon prime. But why a mobile number?


07562795975 or +447562795975

paul warren commented 09/01/2021
amazon impersonation criminals


01582983017 or +441582983017

ROBERT HILL commented 09/01/2021
Calls from this number are threatening to disconnect your Internet. This is a scam.


07280673147 or +447280673147

JAMELIA commented 09/01/2021
Be aware this number is a trying to scam you.


07180619864 or +447180619864

Margaret commented 09/01/2021
This number left part of a message saying I was going to be arrested.


07483161996 or +447483161996

amfipolis commented 09/01/2021
spam call centre


07985733870 or +447985733870

David Brooker commented 09/01/2021
This number was given to ring allegedly from the DVLA referring to an overpayment and for reimbursement. A scam please do not open.


07011993295 or +447011993295

igor commented 09/01/2021
Sendd 6 number verification code when I tried to connect to Facebook


01769405871 or +441769405871

Andy commented 09/01/2021
They call me two times and I want to know who is behind this number.


07404556116 or +447404556116

Nelsy commented 08/01/2021
+447404556116 this number 's person is using fake ID in the name of Fath in Instagram with fake photo..some other persons photo.. he is fraud.