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07719547541 or +447719547541

Himanshu commented 24/07/2020
For contacting


07402572654 or +447402572654

na commented 24/07/2020
Scammer using this number to obtain false netflix logins


07750664394 or +447750664394

scam commented 24/07/2020


07771503987 or +447771503987

Julie commented 24/07/2020
o2 saying they cant process my latest bill thats not due till next month anyway , asking me to update payment information , i think its a con


07437200125 or +447437200125

Anonima commented 24/07/2020
Han llamado 2 veces, y si devuelves la llamada te dice el operador, que ese número no existe. Cuidado a las estafas del extranjero


02039613850 or +442039613850

Lee Parker commented 24/07/2020
Think it’s a scam line from inland revenue


01223950480 or +441223950480

Heidi Fletcher commented 24/07/2020
I was left an answer phone robot message on my mobile from this number 01223950480 saying that im being done for tax fraud and ill be arrested very shortly. I hung up and cannot find anything from this number i think its a scam.


01643520004 or +441643520004

andrea commented 24/07/2020
01643520004. ese es el numero de alguien que quiere cometer fraude. tengan cuidado


07451225685 or +447451225685

Turki commented 24/07/2020
i wannnnnt this number call me +966599225574


01643520004 or +441643520004

andrea commented 24/07/2020
este nuemro es de alguien que quiere robar mi cuenta y jakear mi celular. cuando llaman me aparece como posible fraude, por favor a quien corresponda que desactive esa linea y metan preso o presa a esa persona.


02038070164 or +442038070164

Spam commented 24/07/2020
The Call 20times and i cant speak with Them.


02038856577 or +442038856577

Sebastian mendez commented 24/07/2020
hola soy de colombia y no se por que me llaman numeros de otros paises quiero saber quien es y demandar por es ilegal


02038856577 or +442038856577 commented 24/07/2020
hello my name is sebas because they call me from this number I don't know anyone with that number I am from Colombia and I demand that number


01836074150 or +441836074150

Paul Rutter commented 24/07/2020
Amazon Prime scam call for renewal at £79.99


01274275350 or +441274275350

AD commented 24/07/2020
they call saying they are from HMRC and you have defauted on taxes Its a SPAM... be careful


07385240691 or +447385240691

John Preston commented 24/07/2020
Received text claiming to be from O2 with whom I do not have an account.asking me to update my payment information and giving me a link to their website their reason being that they were unable to access my account and I should update the details to avoid fees


01367266797 or +441367266797

sue commented 24/07/2020
answered and they just hung up


01516345407 or +441516345407

Michael little commented 24/07/2020
Someone called my partner from this number accusing her of forgery this has put her in a panic and she tried to phone back but could not get thru


01138207117 or +441138207117

Scam commented 24/07/2020
Called saying I got into a car incident and need their insurance help or smth. I don't even own a car so defo a scam


01274085198 or +441274085198

GG commented 24/07/2020
called saying that they are from HMRC and that I committed fraud. not true so defo a phoney number