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02592388640 or +442592388640

Stian commented 27/07/2020
Calling me almost everyday


07405767404 or +447405767404

Johanna commented 27/07/2020
I need to know details on this phone number pls


07541861214 or +447541861214

Porto commented 27/07/2020
+44 7541861214 some fraudsters pretending to be a promotion group. They have nothing to do with the promotion.


07378073630 or +447378073630

Saidi commented 27/07/2020
I miss call whith this namber today


07073592250 or +447073592250

kasra commented 26/07/2020
My Android phone has mysteriously sent a lot of messages to this number at different times, which seems to be spying or something that has caused me unusual expenses, and it is not at all clear who this number belongs to. Or is an organization ... If you have information from the owner of this issue, please share it with us and others


07990328402 or +447990328402

A Jeffreys commented 26/07/2020
02 saying they are unable to process my bill and telling me to update payment information. I'm not with 02!!


07926523131 or +447926523131

Padraic commented 26/07/2020
This phone number is a scam, do not contact him or answer his calls


07748480845 or +447748480845

Michael commented 26/07/2020
This phone number text me to say they were "PayPal" and to go to the web site given because my account had been compromised.


07385156132 or +447385156132

Daniel Hughes commented 26/07/2020
I received a text from this number asking me to accept new PayPal terms & conditions to avoid suspension of my account I’m a bit suspicious of it


07769882887 or +447769882887

Beware P commented 26/07/2020
Sorry, we detected unauthorized access. This happened after another text of thanks for your order, which is called NEXT


02080898591 or +442080898591

Tóthné Török Mária commented 26/07/2020
Többször hívtak erről a telefonszámról, nem tudom ki, és miért hív. Ha valaki tudja kié ez pontosan, kérlek és jelezzetek vissza. Nem merem vissza hívni, mert számomra, idegen szám. Köszi,,,, vigyázzatok.


07507662356 or +447507662356

Allen commented 26/07/2020
Number of crooks who cheat and take your money.


07785349726 or +447785349726

B.Williams commented 26/07/2020
Supposed tobe from Paypal.


08000803242 or +448000803242

Klara * commented 26/07/2020
I missed a call from this number. When I called back, the number was disconnected. Now I don’t know who it was.


08001836403 or +448001836403

Yachua * commented 26/07/2020
Number of crooks who cheat and take your money.


08009123123 or +448009123123

Tartan * commented 26/07/2020
Who is calling me? This phone number is not found anywhere.


08009522025 or +448009522025

Maria * commented 26/07/2020
I am looking for a phone owner. I need to talk.


02079460996 or +442079460996

Grace * commented 26/07/2020
Who knows whose phone number this is? I want to know why they called me. Maybe someone knows.


07380184920 or +447380184920

darek commented 26/07/2020
Who else has this number called? Already tired of my calls.


01226321557 or +441226321557

Alfredo Medina Falcón commented 26/07/2020
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