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07399845466 or +447399845466

Edward commented 27/07/2020
Received text claiming to be Nationwide Bank. Contacted Bank the have no record. SCAM NUMBER!


01512191375 or +441512191375

Aa commented 27/07/2020
This number has been used for Scams.To send fake calls for HM revenue & Customs department .Caller are from India but they show them self to be from the department and threat for legal action in case not paid .


01917714299 or +441917714299

Brenda Carroll commented 27/07/2020
This was call (hoax) from amazon re charge of £79.99 to my account


07497568082 or +447497568082

Tony OBrien commented 27/07/2020
Fraudulent company full of bullshit of project buying but end up hacking into your computers and steal money from you


01934136343 or +441934136343

Mary commented 27/07/2020
I had a hoax call from this number - saying i'd had a car accident and pretending to be insurance etc.


01285206410 or +441285206410

Gremlin commented 27/07/2020
Recorded call stating Amazon Prime was being renewed and to press 1 to cancel. Suspect scam link to premium rate charges. I don't have Amazon Prime!


01406109751 or +441406109751

Mike commented 27/07/2020
Recorded message purpoting to come from Visa suggesting that I had possible fraudulent transactions going through, including £400 transfer to Western Union. If that was true I would expect a call from my credit card company not a Visa. Hung up, but call came through again couple of hours later and my wife became concerned, SCAM confirmed by credit card company.


01202096979 or +441202096979

laz commented 27/07/2020
This number call about loft insulation they talk very quick, and when i asked questions about them. they put the phone down


02038856399 or +442038856399

Roger commented 27/07/2020
Someone called me from this number which is not in service. Scam


02074935221 or +442074935221

Agnes Plum commented 27/07/2020
Last week someone from this number tried to call me to Finland. No idea what for, I've got no real connections to London or England.


01510673666 or +441510673666

MR MARTIN R HALL commented 27/07/2020
Incoming call from 0151 067 3666 (Liverpool) on my mobile phone at 1154 on 27 Jul 20. Declined the call which went to Voicemail. When Voicemail accessed number was conveyed and I was instructed to press 1 to be referred to an officer of HMRC. Failure to do so would result in a warrant being issued and I would be arrested shortly.


01607665222 or +441607665222

Mike Suleman commented 27/07/2020
They rang me claiming to be bt open reach


08000270072 or +448000270072

Garry * commented 27/07/2020
Is it possible to track where the owner of this phone number is?


07865987410 or +447865987410

Ultras * commented 27/07/2020
I need information on this phone number.


03450130163 or +443450130163

Benjamin * commented 27/07/2020
Who called me today? An SMS came from this number that the call was missed.


01908541299 or +441908541299

Harry * commented 27/07/2020
Spam calls come from this phone number. Send to the blacklist immediately.


01772802067 or +441772802067

Klaus * commented 27/07/2020
I do not recommend picking up the phone, just drop it.


01642161031 or +441642161031

Margaret commented 27/07/2020
Asked about an accident I supposedly had 2-3 years ago. When I asked for details of the accident, she hung up!


01255431942 or +441255431942

Gábor commented 27/07/2020
Can I know the name of the subscriber of 01255431942?


02592720142 or +442592720142

David Short commented 27/07/2020
Nuisance call!