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07907610870 or +447907610870

Zoltán Murányi commented 28/07/2020
Recived a notification from this number, that we won on a game, we never take part. Be careful with clicking the link given in the message.


07727418890 or +447727418890

Loli commented 28/07/2020
Koleś zaczyna od flirt a puzniej prubuje naciągać cię na paczkie z góry płatną za 1500


07425988746 or +447425988746

Avunyitor Jonathan Elikem commented 28/07/2020
This number may be involved in scam activities


07852454522 or +447852454522

Lol commented 28/07/2020
+48732100642,+447727418890 koleś prubuje naciągać na słodkie słówka a puzniej wcisnąć ci paczkie o wartosci1300 euro


07852454522 or +447852454522

Kris commented 28/07/2020
fake loans first ask for a deposit, then another deposit but after the first one cannot be canceled and the money is forfeited


07438346306 or +447438346306

Manjusha commented 27/07/2020
I want to know who is owener of this number +447438346306


07404939220 or +447404939220

Tj commented 27/07/2020
Want to know who


01843125369 or +441843125369

Martin commented 27/07/2020
Car Accident Scam- Spoofed number


07516085411 or +447516085411

Ms Marple commented 27/07/2020
Scam number!


01844045700 or +441844045700

Mike Stanyon commented 27/07/2020
This number called me but I missed the call. When I tried calling back it said I had dialled an “ incorrect number”


01666113032 or +441666113032

K commented 27/07/2020
Invalid number


07928453355 or +447928453355

Jessika Sona commented 27/07/2020
Sending phishing messenges with links, looks dangerous


01382774758 or +441382774758

NS commented 27/07/2020
Just had a call from this N°.Started dictating options in incomprehensible Spanish


07399845466 or +447399845466

Edward commented 27/07/2020
Received text claiming to be Nationwide Bank. Contacted Bank the have no record. SCAM NUMBER!


01512191375 or +441512191375

Aa commented 27/07/2020
This number has been used for Scams.To send fake calls for HM revenue & Customs department .Caller are from India but they show them self to be from the department and threat for legal action in case not paid .


01917714299 or +441917714299

Brenda Carroll commented 27/07/2020
This was call (hoax) from amazon re charge of £79.99 to my account


07497568082 or +447497568082

Tony OBrien commented 27/07/2020
Fraudulent company full of bullshit of project buying but end up hacking into your computers and steal money from you


01934136343 or +441934136343

Mary commented 27/07/2020
I had a hoax call from this number - saying i'd had a car accident and pretending to be insurance etc.


01285206410 or +441285206410

Gremlin commented 27/07/2020
Recorded call stating Amazon Prime was being renewed and to press 1 to cancel. Suspect scam link to premium rate charges. I don't have Amazon Prime!


01406109751 or +441406109751

Mike commented 27/07/2020
Recorded message purpoting to come from Visa suggesting that I had possible fraudulent transactions going through, including £400 transfer to Western Union. If that was true I would expect a call from my credit card company not a Visa. Hung up, but call came through again couple of hours later and my wife became concerned, SCAM confirmed by credit card company.