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03448224224 or +443448224224

Ninastas * commented 31/07/2020
This is apparently a collection company. I do not recommend calling.


03333440290 or +443333440290

remant * commented 31/07/2020
I missed the call from the number, but when I called back, there was silence.


03333381040 or +443333381040

Barbara * commented 31/07/2020
Tell me, can anyone know the owner of the phone?


01572160340 or +441572160340

Alicia commented 31/07/2020
Some lady doing the classic 'I'm calling about your recent carcrash' bullshit- i dont drive so its scam


07491786315 or +447491786315

Jules commented 31/07/2020
Keep ringing saying they are 3 They are not DO NOT GIVE DETAILS


01649229306 or +441649229306

x commented 31/07/2020
call at Spain and immediately cut the call. please stop disturbing


07424572401 or +447424572401

Sohan commented 31/07/2020
Recieved a call from her. She goes by the name Karin. But Email address was Offered me apartment in Hamburg saying she was in India and did not have any documents with her at the moment. Ph no - +91 8447691208.


02038684695 or +442038684695

Katarzyna commented 31/07/2020
From this number calls me a matrimonial scammer. I want to know his name. English number, but he is calling from Russia.


02025941458 or +442025941458

werni commented 31/07/2020


07730548609 or +447730548609

Bob commented 31/07/2020
What’s app scam artist. Will take money off you then try and get more off you. Do not contact or deal with this guy!


01164647727 or +441164647727

Dick commented 31/07/2020
Keeps calling...maybe once per week. Answered once nothing there. Never answered again.


07565100630 or +447565100630

jack commented 30/07/2020


01480961630 or +441480961630

JohnM commented 30/07/2020
Being used for cold calls. Suspect Indian scan centre using false number


02031502235 or +442031502235

Don't react they are scammers commented 30/07/2020
Don't react they are scammers, block or contact the police. All states that have allowed migrants have become mules cultural society of criminals and crime and a mass unrelated to the country in which they live ... the parasite and the criminal themselves


07562678713 or +447562678713

Reesa commented 30/07/2020


07562427016 or +447562427016

Reesa commented 30/07/2020
I believe this number is been used by a scammer


07906449249 or +447906449249

Geoff commented 30/07/2020
This number called both my landline and mobile but I missed both calls. When I called it back the lady said she must have misdialled. How can you misdial 2 different numbers to the same person. She did not identify herself . Suspicious!


01510174381 or +441510174381

Elizabeth commented 30/07/2020
Do not trust this number, they claim to be HMRC which say as an automated system that there has been fraud made in your name and if you do not talk to them you will be arrested and you must press one. Once you have pressed one they transfer you over to someone who is middle eastern with an american accent and they ask you why you have called them and how can they help but they are the ones calling you and then they ask for your name but if they are the ones calling you they should automatically know who you are coz they placed the call to you in the first place and when you challenge them on this they automatically hang up on you. Very very suspicious. Please do not fall for this scam. Do not give your name or any info about you cos this is how they get money out of you and how they open loans and accounts in your name


01978820267 or +441978820267

joan commented 30/07/2020
tried to ring back and got number has not been recognised


07593510589 or +447593510589

Ann commented 30/07/2020
this number +447593510589 said to owned by Mr. Jorden Vidar, from Aberdeen Scottland. Asking if I am capable to buy my own ticket to UK, if he ever invite me that costs US$2000. i told him that as of the current situation no travel has been released yet. I think this is a scammer.