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07534297436 or +447534297436

Protsifer commented 01/08/2020
What number did this call me in Russia? At night!! What was needed?


02079460996 or +442079460996

Werdan * commented 01/08/2020
Tell me who owns this phone number?


01267863995 or +441267863995

Charlotte * commented 01/08/2020
Constant calls late at night. I do not recommend answering such calls.


01223790749 or +441223790749

Ultras * commented 01/08/2020
How do I locate my phone? Someone tell me?


01158521600 or +441158521600

Astra * commented 01/08/2020
From this number they call and are silent. Probably scammers.


08009160647 or +448009160647

Jackson * commented 01/08/2020
Who called me today? I do not know such a number.


02110721808 or +442110721808

KAZ commented 01/08/2020
Many calls from this number, which I do not know.. I did not answer anyway.. Please make sure which number you are calling before place your call..


07985481250 or +447985481250

Adam commented 01/08/2020
Probable phishing attempt using false HSBC bank information.


07526390316 or +447526390316

ikram commented 01/08/2020
We found a dove that had a yellow bracelet written on it 863 NEHU 2019 07526390316


07379655350 or +447379655350

SylwiaPolska commented 31/07/2020
30.08.2020 Identyczna sytuacja jak Pani Natalia napisała powyżej, przedstawia się jako Kasia na WhatsApp, chce zadzwonić na wideo, okazuje się, że to mężczyzna, wypytuje o dziecko, uwaga! Trzeba być czujnym!


07384889203 or +447384889203

Charlie commented 31/07/2020
Had a message from this number stating they areven PayPal and they have detected unauthorised access and I should click on the link...... This must be spam right?


07385611611 or +447385611611

Robert Worrall commented 31/07/2020
Text saying there from PayPal and that they have detected unauthorised access. They say they have blocked access and I have to visit a URL to unblock it. Looks like a scam to me.


01893385073 or +441893385073

David Reader commented 31/07/2020
Amazon prime, stating did I have an account with them (no I stated), asked for my bank details as they were going to deduct money from my bank.


01253523330 or +441253523330

Yvonne Florah Gumbi commented 31/07/2020
This number call tjey said is from bank sippb in switzerland.his name said is Benjamin ashford a director of finance contol of the bank.I sent him money to open an account from the tjeir bank.Swiss international prestige private bank


01419367511 or +441419367511

Adele commented 31/07/2020
Just had a call and automated voicemail from this number which purports to be hmrc and says you’ll be arrested if you don’t reply and press 1. Think it’s bogus


07491786315 or +447491786315

Search109-Me0ITODK commented 31/07/2020
Okay, Jules.


07907134776 or +447907134776

aleksandar zmara commented 31/07/2020
This number is fke,i allready get second ime notice from this number that i have shipment in Stockholm that i need to pay for,offcourse i didnt order anything and there is no package waiting for deliverry.


02031680034 or +442031680034

ashok commented 31/07/2020
hi i got call from this number asked me to press 1 officer from HMRC will pick up if not then I will get arrested.


01898802774 or +441898802774

Helpful commented 31/07/2020
Scam internet provider call - do not react just hang up.


01635792620 or +441635792620

qantes * commented 31/07/2020
I want to know who called me from this phone number. A call was missed.