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07704731479 or +447704731479

Charles Cheater commented 15/10/2020
Please be aware of this number! The person who use this number is fake and asked me to send USD 2500. Please avoid to contact this number.


07515708265 or +447515708265

Julie commented 15/10/2020
This nomber is used by a fraudster.


01319870342 or +441319870342

Sha commented 15/10/2020
This phone number it's a scammer.They keep calling you. When answer they will hang up the call


07735782695 or +447735782695

Eric morecombe commented 15/10/2020
Why text in the middle of the night?


07366204817 or +447366204817

Skidmore commented 15/10/2020
A fake account pretending to be Lloyds bank. This is not true and do not click any links they send.


07310510049 or +447310510049

Mr E commented 14/10/2020
This number recently sent a person what is supposed to be a scam direct text message that requires bank details. People should be weary of messages from this number and do not click the links they attach to their message...


07723922070 or +447723922070

Muhammad Ishaq commented 14/10/2020
No valuable reason..


07495181096 or +447495181096

k commented 14/10/2020
Who is it?


01850034867 or +441850034867

Mostak shahariar commented 14/10/2020


01885121888 or +441885121888

Angelbabe1uk commented 14/10/2020
Ive no idea who this is possably some scammer because the number there ttying to ring nobody has it only my drs and i dont live anywhere near bromyard herefordshire


02038070414 or +442038070414

Lisa commented 14/10/2020
Svarade inte då jag inte känner någon i London. Ringde 2 gånger 13/10 och 1 gång 14/10


07310804346 or +447310804346

sue commented 14/10/2020
I got that as well


01612401684 or +441612401684

Tink commented 14/10/2020
This is a scam call..supposedly from HMRC agent Dennis Grey.. the voicemail message was an American woman telling me to ring back the direct number 01612401684 and unless they heard from me or my solicitor then I would suffer the consequences .THIS IS A SCAM DO NOT RING THEM BACK ..REPORT TO WITHER HMRC OR TOUR LOCAL POLICE ..P


07903241201 or +447903241201

Alan Smith commented 14/10/2020
07903241201 involved in S.M.S. banking scam.


01820290605 or +441820290605

atik commented 14/10/2020
This number is not in service.


01521231677 or +441521231677

Moritz commented 14/10/2020
Saw a missed call from this number on my phone. Im in Germany


07902731901 or +447902731901

Debbie commented 14/10/2020
? fraudulent


02087698457 or +442087698457

Indian commented 14/10/2020
can somebody tell me who number this is..?


02079835485 or +442079835485

Kashish commented 14/10/2020
Idk somebody called me from this number and I thought maybe it's a spam call or something so I didn't picked up. Was just curious


01650534739 or +441650534739

Ton commented 14/10/2020
Me llaman diciendo que son de Microsoft he colgado sabe alguien algo?