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01426441477 or +441426441477

Peter Byrne commented 09/04/2021
Same idiot telling me my broadband will be cut off in 24 hrs. Surely they must realise we do not fall for these scams by now. Pity they dont concern themselves with the problems of their own countries, we should stop sending them money while they are stealing from us, teach them a lesson.


07887948153 or +447887948153

Mp commented 09/04/2021
I received a call from 0788948153 at 14.41pm suppose to be from Amazon an automated message saying they have took £399 from my bank account


07534979674 or +447534979674

MICK commented 09/04/2021
Company saying they are hermes and for you to click on link to pay a fee


07907623418 or +447907623418

Nd commented 09/04/2021
Hoax presenting to be from hmrc


07729122419 or +447729122419

victor commented 09/04/2021
It sounds like a scam call supposed to come from amazon about a charge of 1000.00 dollars, after that the voice at the other end said please say thank you.


07593884507 or +447593884507

Anonymous commented 09/04/2021
DON'T ANSWER THIS PHONE NUMBER IT'S A SCAMMER!!!!! Please be really careful and don't get scared, HMRC would never call your phone number, in order to contact you, they would send you a letter.


08000857609 or +448000857609

Spencer * commented 09/04/2021
This number is always silent when I answer these calls


02073656004 or +442073656004

Zachary * commented 09/04/2021
Who and why called me today from this number at 9. 45 a.m.


03453002752 or +443453002752

Todd * commented 09/04/2021
I don’t want to hear about any special offers and promotions, leave all your spam to yourself


01179303100 or +441179303100

Hilary * commented 09/04/2021
This is the most common spam number, just block calls from this number.


03334432699 or +443334432699

Francis * commented 09/04/2021
The phone number is not recorded in my telephone directory, a search on the Internet led me to this site, but even here I did not find information about the caller.


01290347506 or +441290347506

Udo commented 09/04/2021
I live in Austria. The number is Spam.


07458670677 or +447458670677

TDW commented 09/04/2021
Scam HMRC threat of arrest for fraud Press 1


01154655110 or +441154655110

* judy commented 09/04/2021
threateng to cut off internet connection


07376521682 or +447376521682

Eric commented 09/04/2021
This number keep calling me. I do not know from who & what the purposed. I'm suspect somebody use this number for scam


01473736007 or +441473736007

someone commented 09/04/2021
truffa investimenti online


01219998291 or +441219998291

Smith commented 09/04/2021
Scam as no one knows our number


02039912863 or +442039912863

Mike commented 09/04/2021
was left a voicemail no missed call. American automated voice said to call county court on 2039912863


07801526089 or +447801526089

Jackie commented 09/04/2021
This number is been used for scam and fraud


07841658050 or +447841658050

* Amanda commented 09/04/2021
Man claiming to be from amazon sounds a bit like a scam