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07944075793 or +447944075793

Selena commented 10/04/2021
Sent me a text saying that somebody had tried to make a payment from my HSBC account and asking me to log on by clicking on a link. Firstly I do not even have an HSBC account, secondly when you call the number back it goes to a personal EE answerphone - not HSBC


01489306339 or +441489306339

Steindl commented 10/04/2021
This is a fraud fishing number pretending they are from Microsoft and trying to install software to access your computer.


07456238883 or +447456238883

zack commented 10/04/2021
Spam messages are constantly sent from this number.


07375352709 or +447375352709

C M H commented 10/04/2021
Scam TXT message...Royal mail pay 2.99 to deliver a parcel


01740605582 or +441740605582

Nicky commented 10/04/2021
I was told the caller was from Microsoft. She is calling me back because I said I was busy.


07397672135 or +447397672135

G commented 10/04/2021
This number phoned my 8 year olds phone claiming to be hmrc and if she didn't press 1 she'd be arrested!!! What the actual....must be spam caller.


03333440000 or +443333440000

Polina * commented 10/04/2021
Who else has this number called? Already tired of my calls.


08001836408 or +448001836408

Tymon * commented 10/04/2021
I am looking for the owner of a phone number. I need to know who it is.


03007906015 or +443007906015

Gabriella Chandter * commented 10/04/2021
They constantly call and are silent. Already tired, probably someone is indulging.


08009555544 or +448009555544

Valentino * commented 10/04/2021
An SMS came that I won a prize. This is a lie.


08000857608 or +448000857608

Frederick Harrison * commented 10/04/2021
I want to know who called me. This number has not been recorded in any way.


02035566058 or +442035566058

Retired lady commented 10/04/2021
Rang my mobile, hung up as soon as I answered. Susoevt some sort of spam or phishing type call.


01915673433 or +441915673433

Fed up commented 10/04/2021
Claim to be from BT. I don,t think so. Not at 8.30 on a Saturday morning. Indian sounding woman. Have blocked this numbet


01210111741 or +441210111741

Fay commented 10/04/2021
Subject of scam phonecalld


08719396107 or +448719396107

i commented 10/04/2021
Keep calling my mobile but they hang-up quickly.


07992627347 or +447992627347

D commented 10/04/2021
07992627347 called me at 14:35 on Friday 9 April 2021. I missed the call. When I tried to call them back to see who they were I get the message 'sorry this service has not been enabled.' They didn't leave a voicemail. Probably a scam or phishing attempt.


07444636651 or +447444636651

Marie McDonald commented 09/04/2021
Scam phone number pretending to be from HSBC


02039447578 or +442039447578

maha commented 09/04/2021
i receive call from this number on +251917830049 if any issue with me mail me by Unless if you try disturb me or hacker i inform to any concerned body


02036570720 or +442036570720

unbknown commented 09/04/2021
repeated calls no voice scammer


07600743703 or +447600743703

Buckley commented 09/04/2021
Number informs I have spent £300 with Amazon. It’s a scam