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07682557858 or +447682557858

Mr Scam avoider commented 12/04/2021
Scam!!! Robo-voice from "National Crime Agency". Avoid and do NOT answer. Even if you pick up, do NOT speak, they might be recording your voice.


07991140410 or +447991140410

Terri commented 12/04/2021
claims to be HMRC and says if I don't press 1 I will be arrested for tax fraud


07699617565 or +447699617565

Mike commented 12/04/2021
Pretended to be from Amazon, saying that i had just made a purchase and to press number one on the keyboard.


07747543230 or +447747543230

boris commented 11/04/2021
spam. scans data, takes money


07496686363 or +447496686363

R A commented 11/04/2021
Says HSBC transfer attempt has. To Mr !!!!!! I had 3texts within a hour different names,has been put on hold . please go to site scam


07592421524 or +447592421524

DP commented 11/04/2021
Hi, I got communication from this number that saying he said a parcel from UK to Jakarta. Then I’ve been lost my money around 8000 USD. He have an ig (but I believe it is fake) named John Napoleon (napoleon_41). And he force me to give him some money (he said he wants to borrow money 10.000USD from me). I’ve reported this case to police and my lawyer, Would someone could help me to investigate this number’s owner, please? he also has another ig name napo.leon4204. I believe it was not him. There’s someone behind it, and this person just copy the photo / profile this pilot. I checked to his first ig, he posted an instagram story that mention someone with name “troul”. But I hardly to find who is this Troul name. Is there anyone who has idea to find the real person of this pilot? We might tell him that his profile has been using by someone for fraud purpose.


07435759687 or +447435759687

Kristijan Bosak commented 11/04/2021
i think they making internet froad


07551044217 or +447551044217

Collin Chanda commented 11/04/2021
Equally this number says I've won $350,000 in Int'l Samsung Promo UK


02084361820 or +442084361820

hashem commented 11/04/2021
its calling to my mobile number (UAE) and put only music no taking


03333440538 or +443333440538

John Mathews * commented 11/04/2021
Bank scammers are calling


08001697762 or +448001697762

Kacper * commented 11/04/2021
From this number, children indulge in, call unknown numbers and annoy people ...


01619687065 or +441619687065

Claus * commented 11/04/2021
This object advertises on sites selling various things, asks for an advance payment and brings nothing. Good enters into trust, be careful.


03457888444 or +443457888444

Quadre * commented 11/04/2021
forgot the exact phone number


03334439656 or +443334439656

Naomi Phillips * commented 11/04/2021
I also got a call today


08719396152 or +448719396152

Turbo commented 11/04/2021
I believe used for a scam


07946754883 or +447946754883

Unnamed commented 10/04/2021
Fraud / blackmailer


02045483355 or +442045483355

Annoyed Facebook leak victim commented 10/04/2021
Number is being used to scam people involved in the 2021 Facebook data leak. Stay away.


02070593664 or +442070593664

Graham commented 10/04/2021
Claimed to be from Microsoft, said she had rung about my computer. I said "what about my computer?" and she rang off.


07761781196 or +447761781196

Krüger commented 10/04/2021
Er nennt sich Ferd Harris Und scheint ein Scammer zu sein. Er schrieb in schlechtem Deutsch, angeblich Google Übersetzer. Er gab nichts von sich persönlich Preis. Auf Fragen würde immer geantwortet: what do you mean? Als ich fragen stellt für welche Firma er tätig ist, hat er mich blockiert!


07613690955 or +447613690955

Thomas commented 10/04/2021
This number phoned to say that a large amount of money was being taken out go my account.for a purchase that I had not made and then was starting to say what to do if I had not made the purchase which it took to be a means of getting information off me. The line was very poor and as the man spoke in an Indian or Pakistani accent he was difficult to understand.This is a serious and dangerous caller who I feel is trying to scam money from whoever he calls and should be traced and questioned by the police.