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07833559612 or +447833559612

off commented 15/01/2021
Stop ringing me and not talking. What do you want?


01628956877 or +441628956877

Phishing call +441628956877 commented 15/01/2021
+441628956877 Phishing Ledger crypto bitcoin


07385643370 or +447385643370

daniel commented 15/01/2021
ce numéro appartient a un bandit de grand chemin qui a escroqué plusieurs personnes en Tunisie pour s’échapper et maintenant a notre dernière nouvelle ce numéro l'appartient maintenant


07407284895 or +447407284895

Cristina commented 15/01/2021
Hi!this nr call me to say it’s a criminal record on my name and if I want to find more to press 1 ,what I did not.


07521135108 or +447521135108

Ron brough commented 15/01/2021
Unknown number just messaged me that my parcel has been upheld in our depot and click on the link which i have not done and havent got any parcels to come so it's spam


07309891182 or +447309891182

Kate commented 15/01/2021
Just received a call from this number. Any idea?


01436081430 or +441436081430

Rowena commented 15/01/2021
This number left a message saying I was going to be arrested NOW Not had the popo knocking at my door yet so presumably it's a scam


07990402269 or +447990402269

Phil commented 15/01/2021
Think this is a scam NatWest payment request


07925826114 or +447925826114

James Jones commented 15/01/2021
I am sure this is a scam, trying to threaten you to make you return call, DON’T.


07908094429 or +447908094429

N Rose commented 15/01/2021
Claimimg to br from HSBC and warning me that a Mr. D Wright is trying to add himself to my online banking. Aking me to visit Total bollocks.


07451202659 or +447451202659

manfred commented 15/01/2021


07377641114 or +447377641114

+447377641114 sent a SCAM SMS on 15Jan2021 03:44 commented 15/01/2021
SMS purported to come from HMRC - very badly written. HMRC: we have issued a on off payment to residents in Tier 4 as part of its promise to battle CO**D 1* Please visit our link to proceed:


01676958661 or +441676958661

Withheld commented 15/01/2021
The caller claimed to be from Amazon prime. Said someone was trying to open an account in my name. Wanted me to download some software to fix the problem. She was working from a call centre which she said was at 61 Holborne Viaduct London.


07936264271 or +447936264271

Mindy commented 15/01/2021
Potential fraud


02082053060 or +442082053060

Dave commented 15/01/2021
Was a missed call. Not a scooby who it is? No message left so not calling it back. Have deleted it from my system!


01954320079 or +441954320079

Val commented 15/01/2021
that number called me also. Can you please tell what he is calling about?


01546774264 or +441546774264

D. Eastwood commented 15/01/2021
Recorded message claims to be from MasterCard Visa security, put phone down


07222585117 or +447222585117

Willy Mac commented 15/01/2021
Automated caller -------------- dodgy---------- sounded like a fraudster


07394447400 or +447394447400

Katie commented 14/01/2021
Message from this number saying that I have a parcel held in a shipping centre, requiring the customs duty to be paid. Link leads to very sparse International Parcel Service website asking for log in and payment.


07448791105 or +447448791105

Helper commented 14/01/2021