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07737984947 or +447737984947

Sonia commented 20/10/2020
SCAM! Do not answer!


01233038036 or +441233038036

Paul commented 20/10/2020
When you call back it just says the system is busy call back later


01319030040 or +441319030040

Jo commented 20/10/2020
Well im from Malaysia, i don't have any my family, relatives or even friends in UK. Don't know who was it. Scammer maybe. They called me 2 times already, i didn't pick it up. Scary.


01418241933 or +441418241933

Dawn commented 20/10/2020
Scam HMRC tax fraud


07424713986 or +447424713986

LALIT BARADIA commented 20/10/2020
I want to get the number of this caller


01332603076 or +441332603076

J EVANS commented 20/10/2020
This number being used for an HMRC scam.


01132853440 or +441132853440

Moore commented 20/10/2020
Scam call telling me my router had downloaded junk files from the internet and offering to help me delete them.


07459880854 or +447459880854

Manzoor commented 19/10/2020
7459880854 this no is very disturbed in whatap no plz resolve this issue


07310819420 or +447310819420

111 commented 19/10/2020
Who is it?


01527058465 or +441527058465

Ann commented 19/10/2020
It is a fraud. They are saying that you had accident. When I've asked about her name she hanged up.


01702132688 or +441702132688

D Watt commented 19/10/2020
If genuine, they must have no work if they are telling people they gave been involved in a car accidents, particularly ringing people who haven't had a car accident. Yet another nuisance call.


07538382951 or +447538382951

Lynne Jones commented 19/10/2020
A Message. Purporting to be from PayPal - from a mobile number?


01649946835 or +441649946835

Marga commented 19/10/2020
Están llamandode este numero de teléfono, dicen que son de Microchof y que tienes un problema grandisimo en el ordenador, que se ha metido un jaquee. Te hacen que enciendas el ordenador y te empiezan a decir cosas que tienes que hacer hasta que llegas a unas claves, creo que es una estafa yo ya no seguí y hasta me amenazaron conque mañana se me bloqueaba el ordenador definitivamente.


07756612554 or +447756612554

user 1 commented 19/10/2020
STOP CALLING ME in BELGIUM or Leave a message


01740123537 or +441740123537

Mike commented 19/10/2020
A woman rang from this number claiming that she has been informed that I had had an accident that was not my fault. I have not had an accident. This is clearly an unsolicited illegal cold call from a gang of 'Ambulance chasers 'hoping to cash in on an insurance claim. These people should be prosecuted and their scams shut down.


02994171440 or +442994171440

Robert Bevan commented 19/10/2020
Assume it's a scammer as when returning the call was told number not recognised.


01506413144 or +441506413144

Chris commented 19/10/2020
They called us on our greek cell phone number it was a woman who spoke greek and said she is calling from London to inform us and we hang up...


07792849408 or +447792849408

mickeyporkpies commented 19/10/2020
found this number useful


01332389649 or +441332389649

CC commented 19/10/2020
Claiming to be HMRC stating there is a fraud case against my details and if the relevant key notes aren't pressed they they will push on with a case - automated male voice - not a person


07001623478 or +447001623478

dave commented 19/10/2020
spam call re visa card