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07944155398 or +447944155398

father commented 13/04/2021
It is a person who sent inappropriate images to my child in a spam message on whatsapp!!! Be aware!!!


07827897526 or +447827897526

* Kevin Leslie commented 13/04/2021
Answerphone said my National Insurance number had been revoked and to press 1 for an answer. Its a scam?


07309912852 or +447309912852

Cyber Guard commented 13/04/2021
Person using this number is probably a scammer impersonating an asian woman who tries to get info on people assets and investments so they know if a target is worth attacking. Be aware and do not disclose any personal info to this person.


07398522701 or +447398522701

Louise L commented 13/04/2021
Fake call about my national insurance


01616695609 or +441616695609

Jc commented 13/04/2021
Called but left no message so will block just in case it's dodgy


01146971429 or +441146971429

Adil Shaikh commented 13/04/2021
+441146971429 Got a call from this number. didnt understand a word but sounded asian. They were talking a academy Thinking this a fraud call


01519530431 or +441519530431

Sonia commented 13/04/2021
2nd call I have had from this number saying that I owe the inland revenue money and if I don't press 1 now to be put through to an advisor a warrant will be put our for my arrest. Another scam


01925321147 or +441925321147

Bert * commented 13/04/2021
I think scammers are trying to take hold of my personal data.


02073656004 or +442073656004

John * commented 13/04/2021
I am looking for the address at which this number is registered


03453002752 or +443453002752

Clive * commented 13/04/2021
When this number rings, the call ends before I can answer


01179303100 or +441179303100

Melvin * commented 13/04/2021
This number is engaged in phishing under the guise of a social survey


03334432699 or +443334432699

Don * commented 13/04/2021
When I answered the call from this number, there was no one on the other side of the line, only fax-like sounds


02075598651 or +442075598651

Brian commented 13/04/2021
And also this +442078872947 +442077596225 +442075759935 +442074138835 +442079138999 +442078318151 +442074604997 +441937229417 +441174090713


01204962102 or +441204962102

TAS commented 13/04/2021


07508804790 or +447508804790

* Suzanne commented 13/04/2021
SCAM. Claiming to be the post office, sends a link to pay money for a parcel that they have for you.


07303634526 or +447303634526

Steven Ogle commented 13/04/2021
It's a scam, a voice recorded message saying that a fraud has been committed and your national insurance number has been suspended and all assets will be seized, press 1 and speak to an officer. That's as far as it got before I put the phone down and reported it. Just becareful I have had a couple of these calls from different numbers.


07501987398 or +447501987398

Anon352 commented 13/04/2021
Hi, I want to buy your car. Check mine and let me know what is the difference that you want for yours. Thanks scam


01736796331 or +441736796331

Αποστόλης commented 13/04/2021
That number called me and when i answered, they hanged up.


01364255059 or +441364255059

Justine Jane Salvacion commented 13/04/2021
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07448657400 or +447448657400

Jane commented 13/04/2021
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