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01527058465 or +441527058465

Ann commented 19/10/2020
It is a fraud. They are saying that you had accident. When I've asked about her name she hanged up.


01702132688 or +441702132688

D Watt commented 19/10/2020
If genuine, they must have no work if they are telling people they gave been involved in a car accidents, particularly ringing people who haven't had a car accident. Yet another nuisance call.


07538382951 or +447538382951

Lynne Jones commented 19/10/2020
A Message. Purporting to be from PayPal - from a mobile number?


01649946835 or +441649946835

Marga commented 19/10/2020
Están llamandode este numero de teléfono, dicen que son de Microchof y que tienes un problema grandisimo en el ordenador, que se ha metido un jaquee. Te hacen que enciendas el ordenador y te empiezan a decir cosas que tienes que hacer hasta que llegas a unas claves, creo que es una estafa yo ya no seguí y hasta me amenazaron conque mañana se me bloqueaba el ordenador definitivamente.


07756612554 or +447756612554

user 1 commented 19/10/2020
STOP CALLING ME in BELGIUM or Leave a message


01740123537 or +441740123537

Mike commented 19/10/2020
A woman rang from this number claiming that she has been informed that I had had an accident that was not my fault. I have not had an accident. This is clearly an unsolicited illegal cold call from a gang of 'Ambulance chasers 'hoping to cash in on an insurance claim. These people should be prosecuted and their scams shut down.


02994171440 or +442994171440

Robert Bevan commented 19/10/2020
Assume it's a scammer as when returning the call was told number not recognised.


01506413144 or +441506413144

Chris commented 19/10/2020
They called us on our greek cell phone number it was a woman who spoke greek and said she is calling from London to inform us and we hang up...


07792849408 or +447792849408

mickeyporkpies commented 19/10/2020
found this number useful


01332389649 or +441332389649

CC commented 19/10/2020
Claiming to be HMRC stating there is a fraud case against my details and if the relevant key notes aren't pressed they they will push on with a case - automated male voice - not a person


07001623478 or +447001623478

dave commented 19/10/2020
spam call re visa card


01512861723 or +441512861723

hej commented 19/10/2020
Who are you?


01698423903 or +441698423903

Neos commented 19/10/2020
Who is it?


07978239269 or +447978239269

x commented 19/10/2020
Who owns this number?


01927370837 or +441927370837

Md Nazmus Shahadat commented 19/10/2020
bd 1952 পাগলা 13 কুকুরের মন কেলেঙ্কারীতে যেমন +8801927370837 Mostofa'r sumit international প্রতিবেদন চিড়কারক, sorry to inform cause its maddness going crazy


07849786629 or +447849786629

Terry commented 18/10/2020
My telephone number must have been pass on or sold on from track and trace uk. As they are the only ones that has received my new number.


07378912027 or +447378912027

Paul commented 18/10/2020
Some one called Fiona in a premium cost line


07593722509 or +447593722509

Siobhan mcelvar commented 18/10/2020
I've lost my phone


07931620039 or +447931620039

Jenny commented 18/10/2020
Pretends to be from O2 saying bill has not been paid. Scam


07440126556 or +447440126556

Bagamasbad vhie commented 18/10/2020
Pls help to know whos gonna owner of this num i really want to know the real name and last name he is a trouble , thank u hoping fountd it i put it up the real concern about it.thnx again