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01792884660 or +441792884660

Z commented 14/04/2021


08004643139 or +448004643139

Wilder * commented 14/04/2021
This is probably some kind of pervert, because he is always silent when I answer


01707932584 or +441707932584

Stewart * commented 14/04/2021
This number called me today at 8-20 pm What's the matter?


03334439657 or +443334439657

Alan * commented 14/04/2021
I suspect that this is a spam number, it did not leave anything in voicemail


08000857608 or +448000857608

Montie * commented 14/04/2021
I just ignored 8 calls from this number today because I don’t know who it is


03007906015 or +443007906015

John Paul * commented 14/04/2021
How to find out this spam number or not?


07397678052 or +447397678052

Freddy commented 14/04/2021
This number s being used to scam people with they have a Tax fraud case against them.


02475960068 or +442475960068

Anonymous commented 14/04/2021
Suspicious number!


01514533808 or +441514533808

Anonymous commented 14/04/2021
This number is suspicious, calling me and I don't know anybody there in Liverpool.


07374125884 or +447374125884

CK commented 14/04/2021
Claiming to cut off WiFi due to non payment - rubbish OR press this number etc. Obviously a scam


07961510517 or +447961510517

The Guvnor commented 14/04/2021


07917396302 or +447917396302

Garry commented 14/04/2021
SCAM Automated call. On this occasion to do with a National Crime Agency Suspending NI number, but Automated voice. Idiots. Just hang up, Block # from incoming calls and incoming messages, and do NOT entertain.


01612314125 or +441612314125

Sylvia commented 14/04/2021
This number rang my mobile but cut off, just as I was going to answer it.


07262824447 or +447262824447

Maggie commented 14/04/2021
This number is a scam they claim that you owe money to HRMC & you need to press 1 to speak to one of their officers failure to do say will result in a warrant. HRMC never make these type of calls so if you are called from this number 07262 824447 put the phone down ITS A SCAM CALL


02034172550 or +442034172550

Samuel commented 14/04/2021
Scam, my wife received a call from this number pretending they are from Amazon and offering her to buy shares with unlimited benefits. The strange thing is that in Google Maps this phone nr also belongs to a restaurant in London, and here now I see it also belongs to an underground statiion. I have checked I haven't mistyped the phone nr when entering the review.


01202125144 or +441202125144

Unknown commented 14/04/2021
I'm from nz n I've been getting a call from the UK for about 2 weeks now when I answer no one talks they just hang the phone up but seem to always call back since the first time I answered it n havent gotten a reply I dont answer the call anymore


02036757987 or +442036757987

Victor commented 14/04/2021
I want to know if this phone belongs to a trader company, thanks


07399074475 or +447399074475

Tom commented 14/04/2021
They send a text claiming to be royal mail and you have a package that has an unpaid delivery fee to pay or it will be sent back ? Click on their link. Beware


07770965729 or +447770965729

Phil commented 13/04/2021
Scam national insurance call


07502293116 or +447502293116

Justina Bahmutska commented 13/04/2021
Get a message - HSBC FRAUD ALERT: You have authorised a payment of £240.00 to Mr C Jones. If this was not you, please cancel via: