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07710092915 or +447710092915

S commented 15/04/2021
Scammers. An automated voice told me my National Insurance number was being terminated due to unlawfu; transactions and to press 1 for more information.


07585785805 or +447585785805

indu commented 15/04/2021
i have received a text from +447585785805 about the census telling me that i have missed out some information which I should complete to avoid £1000 fine. But this number does not seem to exist. may be a scam.


01225800585 or +441225800585

a user commented 15/04/2021
SCAMMERS energy insulation, story about I had a grant and now can get another (er no) If you ask them for the name and address of who they are calling, they do not know anything about you, so tell them to where to go!


07452947242 or +447452947242

Ananymous commented 15/04/2021
HMR tax fraud


08001116121 or +448001116121

Rodney * commented 15/04/2021
I would not trust the caller, it looks like it's a scammer


01134870430 or +441134870430

Brad * commented 15/04/2021
I don’t know who it is, but very suspicious calls


02030201515 or +442030201515

Cliff * commented 15/04/2021
This number does not belong to any of the people I know, I do not answer such calls


03456032775 or +443456032775

Elliot * commented 15/04/2021
I received a call from the Diabetes Care Center on my request


03334439656 or +443334439656

Dwight * commented 15/04/2021
The caller said something about the diabetic association


07759339233 or +447759339233

sneha commented 15/04/2021
This is a number with which people trap boys for work visas and more, they will directly WhatsApp you they won't answer your calls, please be careful., they simply put a girl pic and try to tarapp u they even use names as anna lee and jason for messaging its messy plz be careful


02037896530 or +442037896530

Joan Ellis commented 15/04/2021
nuisence call again last 4 digits only difference from 10 previous calls


07967238925 or +447967238925

CJ commented 15/04/2021
07967238925 rang me saying my NI number was about to expire and wanted personal details to reset it. New scam????


07868708371 or +447868708371

Leonid commented 15/04/2021


01202821139 or +441202821139

Bee commented 14/04/2021
Getting several missed calls from this number +441202821139


07340220098 or +447340220098

Elizabeth Richie commented 14/04/2021
This number purports to be from EE and is informing me that they are unable to process my latest bill. They sent an address I should go to in order to update my billing in order to avoid suspension


07930411937 or +447930411937

Saira Ali commented 14/04/2021
This number add me to their contacts list This person got so many social account she’s been stocking me following me my family. She has got ebay online shopping website. She use to have different number. I knew her from home swap as soon as I change in to new home i have deleted her details from my phone contacts. She live in London Edmonton N9 area Nile drive house number 25. This person has open so many Facebook account. I blocked them all when I blocked her she opened up another account. She has got two son one Rahen, Jehan, daughter name Alishamiah on instagram. Today when she add me on imo its show up her name jehan Eldon school teacher as I see the name I quickly blocked her num on imo. I find this is really annoying very disturbing behaviour.


07103802583 or +447103802583

* Nigel Attewell commented 14/04/2021
Pretends to be UK HMRC fraud desk


07427516650 or +447427516650

* Nigel Attewell commented 14/04/2021
Pretends to be from fraud desk at UK HMRC


07783385724 or +447783385724

Victim commented 14/04/2021
Scammer and fraudster. Block this number before you fall victim


07386526153 or +447386526153

Simon Bentley commented 14/04/2021
This number is being used for banking scams