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01164291025 or +441164291025

Jackson * commented 20/09/2020
I need to clarify who owns this phone number.


08454290007 or +448454290007

Zaparts * commented 20/09/2020
Who knows the owner of this phone number? I want to find him.


03453192247 or +443453192247

Oliver * commented 20/09/2020
Who can I clarify the location of the phone? I want to track the phone.


03335771022 or +443335771022

Uran * commented 20/09/2020
They called me and asked which bank I served. This is a lie. Do not trust such calls.


03330146683 or +443330146683

Valerie * commented 20/09/2020
Missed call. If you call this phone number, it will be unavailable. Only scammers do this.


07310280871 or +447310280871

Frank Simpson commented 20/09/2020
txt from an injury claim company. NO COMPANY NAME OR DETAILS provided by them..I suspect its a scam company or phishing scam


07927257760 or +447927257760

Tracy commented 20/09/2020
This number +44 7927 256760is a scammer! Pretended Friend and try to loan your money and blackmail! Be careful with this number! He called Vincent but I believe it is the Fake ID TOO!


07404513782 or +447404513782

hema commented 20/09/2020
mybe he is my friend


07464067394 or +447464067394

Dean Denyer commented 19/09/2020
This is whose number


07904418401 or +447904418401

Anonymous commented 19/09/2020
Scam text message from t-mobile number claiming to be virgin media asking to click on link


07898031648 or +447898031648

MR Ledge commented 19/09/2020
sending me messages about payments from HSBC detected


02078451251 or +442078451251

Faulkner commented 19/09/2020
Called, left no message, nuciense call..


07547282610 or +447547282610

Bruno * commented 19/09/2020
I missed a call from this number. When I called back, the number was disconnected. Now I don’t know who it was.


07547282609 or +447547282609

Donna * commented 19/09/2020
When they called me, I did not have time to pick up the phone. I think it was the wrong call.


07487812776 or +447487812776

West * commented 19/09/2020
Whose phone number is this? Constantly ring and drop the call.


07430144547 or +447430144547

Liz * commented 19/09/2020
Call from this number and offer to issue a loan. Don't trust anyone.


03457203040 or +443457203040

Valerie * commented 19/09/2020
Constant calls to visit the clinic and take tests. I think this is just a spam ad.


02026217943 or +442026217943

Lisa Chang commented 19/09/2020
Is is celestial bank group


07927881499 or +447927881499

Abdur rahman commented 18/09/2020
what can I help you


07310900887 or +447310900887

Mags commented 18/09/2020
Received a text from this number saying “your services have been frozen due to an unsuccessful direct debit. Restore your account securely at the link:”.... Well I’m certainly not going to do that, sounds like a scam to me! I’m going to ring my bank!