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03332200232 or +443332200232

Duke * commented 16/04/2021
I get strange silent calls from this number every day, and sometimes several times


08008021579 or +448008021579

Hubert * commented 16/04/2021
A call is like a call center or auto-dial.


03335565566 or +443335565566

Claude * commented 16/04/2021
I did not hear the call, but saw this number on the screen as a missed call, how is this possible?


01808674759 or +441808674759

jari commented 16/04/2021
This numer is used for scam


03303035293 or +443303035293

Hedworth * commented 16/04/2021
When I answer this number always hangs up, but if I do not answer this call is repeated again and again


07370118953 or +447370118953

Paul G commented 16/04/2021
Yet another recorded call from the National Crime Agency


07905298830 or +447905298830

Paul G commented 16/04/2021
Yet another recorded call from "National Crime Agency"


07195950416 or +447195950416

Ian commented 16/04/2021
Received call from this number -said and recorded voice said goodbye and hung up - tossers


01138684287 or +441138684287

* Bill commented 16/04/2021
Scam calling number


07574282843 or +447574282843

John McMillan commented 16/04/2021
it was a miscall I tried to phone back an automated voice said the number I called you cannot phone back this has happened more than once


08448156640 or +448448156640

John R. commented 16/04/2021
I am from Greece and this number just called me. I did not answer of course, since I do not have ANY commercial or other connectio with the UK whatsoever. I do not know whether it was for good or bad...


07448108343 or +447448108343

Dhrubo commented 16/04/2021
wanna know about the owner


07901527507 or +447901527507

Winston commented 16/04/2021
Whose number is this?


07459483377 or +447459483377

Phill watson commented 16/04/2021
they are scam not truth on them


07552351825 or +447552351825

Fake number commented 16/04/2021


07721962567 or +447721962567

andy commented 15/04/2021
This number is a scam


07346991648 or +447346991648

* CPG commented 15/04/2021
Scam text from "Barclays" … Samsung S10 has now been linked to your mobile banking if this is not you click on link. SCAM SCAM SCAM - DO NOT CLICK LINK!!!!


01787377058 or +441787377058

Sorin commented 15/04/2021
Potential fraud !!!!!!!!!!!


05547661809 or +445547661809

john john commented 15/04/2021
amazon phone scam


07826380941 or +447826380941

Tina commented 15/04/2021
Had a text from this number claiming to be HSBC. Saying I had added a payee for £250 and if it wasn't me to click the link. Obviously a scam as I do not bank with hsbc