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07552245275 or +447552245275

P Das commented 19/01/2021
I received a call from +447552245275 today 9pm. its a uk number. though it's a missed call. I don't know the reason of call?


07447914941 or +447447914941

Atisor commented 19/01/2021
Someone call me but its a machine and said that my NI no was suspected and i did a crime..and insisted to call them back..this is a scam


07936106165 or +447936106165

Trevor Scantlebury commented 19/01/2021
Scam call saying press option 11 to stop your National Insurance Number being suspended, SCAM


01827703041 or +441827703041

J commented 19/01/2021
Me llaman a España. Desde este y otros teléfonos de Reino Unido. Posible estafa!


02075251204 or +442075251204

Katspjamas commented 19/01/2021
Spam call about arrest warrant issued for my arrest due to unpaid tax


07784586752 or +447784586752

raymond pitt commented 19/01/2021
had this number and need to know who it is maybe its scam i dont know can you help please


07440414474 or +447440414474

Dillip khora commented 19/01/2021
One guy from UK, his name is Raj peter contact me from this no. Kindly check and get back soon


07438366534 or +447438366534

Sandra commented 19/01/2021
Someone called me today with this number telling me that my National insurance number is in danger and they might take action against I called the police to report it.


07755764819 or +447755764819

paul finnegan commented 19/01/2021
message this morning , parcel heeld at shipping center, lplease follow instructionsan posts a link 6h6.xys/s/45ja1x/jgw


07697531002 or +447697531002

Gabriella Chandter commented 19/01/2021
You can track your phone. Who can I check the location of the phone with?


07895228111 or +447895228111

Sidney Archibald commented 19/01/2021
I urgently need to find out who the owner of the phone number is.


07341138611 or +447341138611

Jack Hayes commented 19/01/2021
This number is not in my phone book. They called me today, but I don't know that number.


07377826949 or +447377826949

Reingold commented 19/01/2021
Hier meldet sich James Wassermann. Er mag nur deine Konten leerräumen. Ganz besonders liebt er Kreditkarten. Alles wird gleich in Bitcoin umgetauscht. Über Anydesk hilft er gern auch noch einen Kredit aufzunehmen.


07392474449 or +447392474449

scott commented 19/01/2021
tinder prank


02088029879 or +442088029879

Stern commented 19/01/2021
Nice people


07935645225 or +447935645225

Tony commented 18/01/2021
+447935645225 ... Contacted me on whatsapp saying that I have stolen his father's number, asking me for personal information. I said i will report to the police and started to insulte me. P.S. - I bought the number in one pack with phone in Argos. So the number legal is mine.


07741604657 or +447741604657

Jane commented 18/01/2021
Was called from this number apparently police but not sure sounded very suspicious. Why would police calling you from mobile phone with number shown. Very strange. Called back but no answer only ringing.


07377344114 or +447377344114

J Baker commented 18/01/2021
Received a dubious text message supposedly from PayPal, suggesting they were about to close my account unless I clicked on the given x link. It's dubious because I don't have an account !!!!! and PayPal would never do that ! BE WARNED ... a crook!


01443429007 or +441443429007

Ian commented 18/01/2021
My mobile contract supplier says number is potential spam, thats all I know.


02082141773 or +442082141773

Anonymous commented 18/01/2021
It is scam. It was robot call saying there is a visa transaction. I hung up immediately. I blocked the number on my landline. I reported it and even read about this scam. Someone nearly fell for it. I checked all my accounts and there is nothing going on I did not authorize. Banks don't phone out of the blue and not with a robot. I would have to call if I think there is something wrong with my transactions.