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07949436805 or +447949436805

Paul commented 08/03/2021
Number +447949436805 is a SCAM number. Tell them to if they call you or text you. That's what I told them.


07828489863 or +447828489863

Ryley commented 08/03/2021
This number belong to a group involve in the inheritance scam, beware


07466707231 or +447466707231

Fraud person commented 08/03/2021
scam number


07944250839 or +447944250839

David Price commented 08/03/2021
Royal Mail: Your package has a £2.99 shipping fee, to pay this now visit Actions will be taken if you do not pay this fee. This was a text message I received.


07789210302 or +447789210302

judley commented 07/03/2021
Fake messages fishing for payment information.


07469529688 or +447469529688

Harry commented 07/03/2021
Post office asking for payment but how did they get the mobile number???


07551873859 or +447551873859

Jean Wengradt commented 07/03/2021
This message refers to a parcel from Royal Mail asking for outstanding payment to be settled to avoid a parcel being returned to sender.


07466632958 or +447466632958

Alexander commented 07/03/2021
How can I track where this phone is?


07876296698 or +447876296698

JJ commented 07/03/2021
Why would you issue my Tv licence details when I already have them?


07885574411 or +447885574411

Your friend commented 07/03/2021
Dear moe since you block me from everywhere, i just gonna tell you here, i hope you read it and i hope you know that its me. I just wanted to let you know i’m always here for you whenever you need me. Please just dm me and i’ll answer, even if you just want to talk about your day or something silly. I’m here for you and i’m not leaving anytime soon unless you want me to. I’ll never stop loving you


07448445819 or +447448445819

Pankaj commented 06/03/2021
I got this number from Jeevansathi Profile, she is saying that she is interested in my profile.


07767651340 or +447767651340

Mimi commented 06/03/2021
Spam number. Do not follow the instructions from this phone number


07485269783 or +447485269783

Barmac commented 06/03/2021
Scam number claiming to be from Royal Mail looking for unpaid shipping fees. Ignore


07786637935 or +447786637935

Sharon Falvey commented 06/03/2021
This number is requesting a payment for postage but has been blocked by Virhin Media


07713433656 or +447713433656

kim commented 06/03/2021
Recorded message threatning arrest!


07505518780 or +447505518780

Mary A commented 06/03/2021
This number called my mobile on 06.03.21 @ 1.43pm - it was a recorded message informing me my phone had been used fraudulently in South Wales and to press 1 to speak to the fraud investigator or I would be prosecuted. Needless to say I did not respond.


01206307822 or +441206307822

Z commented 06/03/2021
Bank details scammer


07774302879 or +447774302879

Augustin commented 06/03/2021
Someone constantly calls me and is silent.


07156197845 or +447156197845

Pepe Fernandez commented 06/03/2021
Had a call from this number at 08:24 on Saturday morning. An authoritarian robot voice said it was the HMRC and I would be arrested shortly unless I pressed '1' on my phone. Very bizarre! I'm concerned that vulnerable people could fall for this type of scam.


02394224737 or +442394224737

Rudolf Egger commented 06/03/2021