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07547282610 or +447547282610

Lambert * commented 23/09/2020
This number is a scam about internet disconnection


01477998611 or +441477998611

anon commented 23/09/2020
hangs up or cut off when call answered


07426955848 or +447426955848

Paulo commented 23/09/2020
fake profile number to steal identification data and attempted money theft.


07931019810 or +447931019810

May commented 23/09/2020
Received a call from this number saying from it was from the Halifax that I had registered for mobile banking which I had not


07946461029 or +447946461029

Mike commented 23/09/2020
Got a text message from this number claiming to be from HSBC saying a new payee added to my mobile banking and added a link to a secure device centre Make sure you don’t click the link!!!


07846321980 or +447846321980

fraud commented 23/09/2020


07413996001 or +447413996001

Anonymos commented 23/09/2020
Date: 23 Sept 2020 TEXT MESSAGE: EE: We are unable to verify your account information. Please update this now to continue using our services at:


02036770017 or +442036770017

Spam commented 23/09/2020


01214685002 or +441214685002

VZ commented 23/09/2020
I am getting call from this number but no response after pick up, it could be scam or genuine, no clue


01432588431 or +441432588431

Sandy commented 23/09/2020
Calls my number but doesn’t leave a message possibly unwarranted sales team


02036080175 or +442036080175

pablo commented 23/09/2020
scam report them everywhere


01617381849 or +441617381849

Paolo commented 23/09/2020
Warnung Telefonterror Bitcoin Betrüger nicht an das Telefon gehen


02059819168 or +442059819168

Dee Breslin commented 23/09/2020
I received a call today to tell me to ring this number as soon as possible as I can no longer use my national insurance number


07730545036 or +447730545036

Artem commented 23/09/2020
Did you call me?


01277841171 or +441277841171

Underhill commented 23/09/2020
When answered the phone to this number they just hung up.


07482884066 or +447482884066

Sue commented 23/09/2020
This is a phishing call the number is pretending to be amazon HANG UP


07453379017 or +447453379017

Naz Sarwar commented 23/09/2020
Received a text message asking how I was seemed a legitimate message but when I called the number it states its unavailable!


07700058776 or +447700058776

TEE KOK TAI commented 23/09/2020
This phone is axeinvest Mr. Jonatnan Collins phone (account Manager) doing illegal activities to call for cheating money. e-mails - (internet line) I being cheat EUR 1958 to Conmen- Mr. Jonatnan Collins. Dear Tee Kok Tai, We have received your full payment for your CGT You will receive a letter to your house stating that all taxes have been paid. You have to pay a processing fee of six hundred and forty-nine euros; it is a standard fee that is for also converting to your bank account. Here is the bitcoin address for payment 1AQeHnenSD7VNAFwbpsHsDhYCZo7xrwpeh I will personally do the transfer with you. Best Regards Jonathan Collins Risk Management axelogo.png


07549037449 or +447549037449

Ingi commented 23/09/2020
Received strange WhatsApp message from this number: “We in bed very poorly can’t take calls atm who is this?” The number is unknown to me so probably this is spam?


05644263182 or +445644263182

Lahcen senhaji commented 23/09/2020
You Call me