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02087050549 or +442087050549

Catherine Croxford-Adams commented 26/10/2020
No calls being taken on this number and charhing me over ^$ for something I have no idea about!!! SCAM????????


07418347773 or +447418347773

James Clark commented 26/10/2020
Financial fraud scam: by email. Scammer's details: Tel: +44 7418347773 (not a real UK mobile number but a VOIP instead. E-mail ( Director/ Foreign Affairs Ops Dept. ONLINE BANK WIRE TRANSFER Dear Beneficiary, The Remittance of Your Fund $10.5Million To Your Personal Bank Account: I believe you are alive and doing well to be reading this important and urgent E-mail from the sub-regional office of the Barclays Banking UNITED KINGDOM,I am writing you this mail with urgent concern to officially inform you that our GPS Network Server System (GPS NSS) recently detected? an unknown Funds Transfer Payment File system.


02073643283 or +442073643283

VICTIM OF SCAM commented 26/10/2020
Calls threatening you of Fraud and to press "1" OTHERWISE WARRANT OF ARREST WILL BE ISSUED...LOL


01182160300 or +441182160300

Gerard commented 26/10/2020
Keep receiving call from this number even so am ex directory


07405847676 or +447405847676

Pardeep commented 26/10/2020
I want to know who is the owner this no


03437379883 or +443437379883

mustakim commented 26/10/2020
Who called me?


01220214987 or +441220214987

01220214987 commented 25/10/2020
Who owns this number 01220214987?


03437379883 or +443437379883

Mudssar commented 25/10/2020
Pleas Check name address Check name location


07310978354 or +447310978354

MB commented 25/10/2020
Got a text stating PayPal: Your account has been limited to fix any issues pleas3 verify your details via


07983803766 or +447983803766

K commented 25/10/2020
+447983803766 The text for this number states they are from O2, to let me know my payment has not been received and to contact the website, so I do not incur additional costs!


07537184553 or +447537184553

Maisarah commented 25/10/2020
who owner for this number?they want me to pay some item rm 350.


07537158704 or +447537158704

Wangshol commented 25/10/2020
Is this the no. Of royal bank of Scotland UK, London


07496946707 or +447496946707

Slim commented 25/10/2020
Who knows whose phone number this is? I want to know why they called me. Maybe someone knows.


07392490983 or +447392490983

Sangma commented 25/10/2020
I want to know the owner of this number


07598684352 or +447598684352

S.G.MUSTAFA commented 25/10/2020
Search my friend detail


01827116075 or +441827116075

Daniel Dimitrov commented 24/10/2020
I've received a calling from 01827116075 about fake car accident.


07572192046 or +447572192046

F.S commented 24/10/2020
Is a PayPal number? They sent a link to log think is a scam...


07723176543 or +447723176543

Shank commented 24/10/2020
This is an AIRBNB scammer in Dubai. Beware. You would know it is the scammer when the deals offered are too good to be true and the reviews about the scammer on the site would be nothing less than a five star by every guest-hosted(fake guests, I mean). And also you would receive invoices in pdf format(refrain yourself from making any reservations). Please report everywhere possible to help other people around you.


07930465061 or +447930465061

GT commented 24/10/2020
Caller pretending to be from the Halifax Bank. Fraud number. Do not respond.


07842400246 or +447842400246

Beatriz commented 24/10/2020
This person is a fraud. I paid him for a garden service, cut part of a tree and never came back to finish the work. He does not answer the phone