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07672391213 or +447672391213

R Brent commented 01/10/2020
Spurious calls clicks off auto immediately if no verbal response made


07405463645 or +447405463645

Rakul commented 01/10/2020
Hi Rupinder, Why are you looking for this man. any bad experience you had with him?


01830832721 or +441830832721

Roddy Glenn commented 01/10/2020
This number - 01830832721 - called on the morning of October 1st, 2020. A recorded female voice threatened that our internet was about to be disconnected. This is obviously the 'front end' of a scam. We hung up. Why does the government not find and punish these callers - and the companies who allow their equipment to be used for this purpose? The technology to do this clearly exists and is simple by today's standards. Hence we can only conclude that they allow this because it is a revenue stream of some kind. Massive fines and possible imprisonment is needed. I'd consider voting for whichever party puts this prominently in their manifesto, because this problem is only going to get worse and the potentially vulnerable and frightenable population is growing as the 'Boomers' enter old age. Only the lack of political will allows this erosion of our quality of life to continue unchecked.


02087698457 or +442087698457

I DONT KNO WHO I A M commented 01/10/2020


07932398635 or +447932398635

Anja commented 01/10/2020
Possible HMRC scam wirh a link to


07487309582 or +447487309582

An commented 01/10/2020
I have this same message this same day


07983465045 or +447983465045

fh commented 30/09/2020
your such a fake


07310417566 or +447310417566

Brian commented 30/09/2020
I think this number is a scam would like more info


07845612780 or +447845612780

Ivy commented 30/09/2020
Through Facebook I bought a walk-fit at a low price.(name of product is I checked my credit card there was this number. Then the product never came to me I started investigating as I also found this person's ID. Now I will refund me for the sales scam, but they took the money.


07898472436 or +447898472436

Dante commented 30/09/2020
scammer block the number


01302964451 or +441302964451

anonymous commented 30/09/2020
scam caller


07723986226 or +447723986226

john wiki commented 30/09/2020
I doubt that this phone number is used for fraudulent issues


07912357148 or +447912357148

Pimi commented 30/09/2020
WARNING this is tinder scammer - lure on investment app using pics of Chinese Weibo user @tuotuo(poor guy, have no idea his pics are used)


02031379299 or +442031379299

wobble commented 30/09/2020
Same story for me, I answer my Swiss mobile phone, an Indian-accented fellow requests to confirm who I am, then promptly hangs up. Someone's cleaning their database - if they call you, give someone else's name :)


01586250013 or +441586250013

XxX_DE commented 30/09/2020
Please help with this issue! I had a missed call!


01325720073 or +441325720073

Paul commented 30/09/2020
Cold caller. Named Arthur Trying to sell financial investments. Sounded v suspect


01242064763 or +441242064763

PMH commented 30/09/2020
Left no message. Fixed phone number in Cheltenham. Second such call from unidentifiable numbers to my phone in last half hour.


02074643659 or +442074643659

PMH commented 30/09/2020
Left no message - have looked up to see who it is. Only info I can find is that it is a fixed line number in Charing Cross area......


01267226761 or +441267226761

Alexander * commented 30/09/2020
Spam number about making money on trading platforms like Forex and cryptocurrencies


01615051435 or +441615051435

Jacob * commented 30/09/2020
Girl said that my Internet has suspicious activity and they will have to disconnect me, I immediately realized that this was a scam