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07882535020 or +447882535020

Anom commented 02/10/2020
This number sends txts to random ppl pretending to be from HMRC regarding over paid tax they attach a link that sends you to a HMRC website, this is a SCAM!! They take your NI number, d.o.b, name, address and bank details. The number has been forwarded to HMRC, action fraud and the police and is being investigated. If you receive txt from this number screenshot it, forward it to HMRC, action fraud and police.


07532180063 or +447532180063

d commented 02/10/2020
Scammer number. Malware download


07947986783 or +447947986783

Dave commented 01/10/2020
Text message asking me to pay cash to O2. I don't have an O2 account


07310933122 or +447310933122

T R commented 01/10/2020
Sending hoax messages about paypal. Fraudulent, do not call


07898426624 or +447898426624

Neill commented 01/10/2020
PayPal authorisation code text message scam


01629001888 or +441629001888

Nuisance commented 01/10/2020
Nuisance, Sales,Spam


01726000071 or +441726000071

Sharon commented 01/10/2020
Rang and when I answered they hung up


07538179015 or +447538179015

Batman commented 01/10/2020
Claims to be O2 unable tp process your payment, to avoid fees and charges click on a link.


01312086419 or +441312086419

Edyegu commented 01/10/2020
I got 2 missed calls from this line


07376569947 or +447376569947

Matt commented 01/10/2020
Got a scam paypal link


07884915772 or +447884915772

cheryl commented 01/10/2020
this number +447884915772 text me saying my account had been used if it wasnt me type n and a advisor would call me, to which they did 0345 330 0000 the woman said she was from the halifax and asked to speak to me, I asked how she got my number as it wasnt listed she went quiet and hung up, they are a con its a scam report it to the bank immediately


07487635535 or +447487635535

w commented 01/10/2020
received a text from this no saying a new payee has been set up on our a/c with Natwest. .On cheking there is no such transaction set. They wanted details of card no. We don't think this is genuin please beware


01316205755 or +441316205755

Riley * commented 01/10/2020
I want to warn everyone not to deal with the owner of this number, this is a scammer


01482456273 or +441482456273

Joshua * commented 01/10/2020
Help me find out the name of the caller


01603574089 or +441603574089

Mason * commented 01/10/2020
I got weird silent calls from this number today all evening


02039303427 or +442039303427

Ethan * commented 01/10/2020
Most likely the scammers called me from this number


02080687463 or +442080687463

Toby * commented 01/10/2020
This phone number belongs to a real scammer


02087050549 or +442087050549

Delhaye commented 01/10/2020
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07882287573 or +447882287573

Margaret commented 01/10/2020
Thought you'd be interested to know I have received a text message from +447882287573 claiming it is from HMRC RE: tax refund and to proceed via the link I entered the address via my PC and it confirmed it is not a safe site which has malware. I have forwarded the text to HMRC as per the HMRC website


07774495210 or +447774495210

Seema commented 01/10/2020
I have two missed call from this number