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01267226761 or +441267226761

Valerie * commented 03/10/2020
Who called me today? I do not know such a number.


07598684793 or +447598684793

Rahul commented 02/10/2020
Whose number is this?


07312950644 or +447312950644

S Bee commented 02/10/2020
There was a message from this number to my phone with caption: HSBC SECURITY ALERT: Unauthorised transaction to new Payee. NOT YOU? Thanks.


02087698457 or +442087698457

Shabnam commented 02/10/2020
Received unprofessional and unethical call from this number for some online investment.


02088769845 or +442088769845

Shabnam commented 02/10/2020
Received unprofessional and unethical phone call from this number for some online investment.


01922166338 or +441922166338

Harry Levey commented 02/10/2020
This is an unpleasant number indicating that you are involved in an unregistered car accident.


07594433301 or +447594433301

juan francisco commented 02/10/2020
The person who manages this phone number poses as a woman, who claims to have money. The person presses for you to invest money in a cryptocurrency exchange with this link, to later disappear both he and the invested money. The person who uses the instagram account, says that he is an investor and the page he promotes is so much effort to hide you that you work in the company? And what is registered in Malta? If it had been a little more open, it would not have created the enormous anger that you have with me. Thank you.


01414336234 or +441414336234

danny w commented 02/10/2020


07868752374 or +447868752374

Areeba commented 02/10/2020
Whose number is this?


07961549216 or +447961549216

Not Paypal commented 02/10/2020


01134840019 or +441134840019

George * commented 02/10/2020
This number called me 2 times and both times it hangs up without saying anything


01157690229 or +441157690229

Jacob * commented 02/10/2020
Is it really possible to find out exactly where this number is?


01200411586 or +441200411586

Robert * commented 02/10/2020
I missed a call from this number and want to know who called


01227318127 or +441227318127

Lewis * commented 02/10/2020
It looks like scammers posing as bank employees


01292256139 or +441292256139

Lucia * commented 02/10/2020
This number calls when I answer there the music sounds and then hangs up


02033912960 or +442033912960

Gary commented 02/10/2020
no one spoke


07985584348 or +447985584348

D.K commented 02/10/2020
This number belongs to scammers who are sending text messages pretending to be from banks saying “ HALIFAX ALERT: You have successfully paired a NEW DEVICE on 01/10 at 22:01PM. If this was NOT you, visit:” DO NOT CLICK THE LINK!! They will get your login details and commit fraud on your account!


07427300705 or +447427300705

Tina M commented 02/10/2020
This number belongs to a man that call himself Eric Karlsen. He has scammed me of about $60 000. He and I talked every other day, in half a year, but , when I had deposit ALL my money, he disapeard. This was from 2018 october to mars 2019. He was in the crypto-market, and said he worked at or Now, the website is closed, and they have run away with all our money, from us who trusted these guys. I'm so sorry that there are people of this kind, on this earth ... they belongs to hell.... :-(


07401337263 or +447401337263

Ed commented 02/10/2020
This is a scam number, he will try and make you send gift cards to him


07411081346 or +447411081346

Balachander commented 02/10/2020
For finding my friend