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07418325651 or +447418325651

Sharon commented 03/10/2020
Scammer, introduces himself as the owner of the property.


07531909671 or +447531909671

Kira commented 03/10/2020
I was deceived


07312808354 or +447312808354

John Price commented 03/10/2020
This is being used by a scammer to extort information about your Halifax account


01980136176 or +441980136176

Gary commented 03/10/2020
Sketchy call claiming my account will be charged unless I dial 1.


07312680421 or +447312680421

Sarah commented 03/10/2020
Texted me about my paypal being limited.. fake


07435179347 or +447435179347

RANJAN SENGUPTA commented 03/10/2020
This owner of the mobile wish to give me a gift, i want to her name and whereabouts. If she is doubtful to me i shall reject her proposal.


07830344163 or +447830344163

John commented 03/10/2020
I think its a scam text. Telling me my PayPal account has been limited and I have to verify my details.


07438481266 or +447438481266

Phiyer commented 03/10/2020
Here this number person have asked personal photos & my family photo..... ........but why they are not disclosing....


01615331228 or +441615331228

Andrei deris commented 03/10/2020
I receve a call from this number end i don’t now ho is this +441615331228


07748718164 or +447748718164

Mario commented 03/10/2020
this number has been calling me insistently for a few weeks and I think they are hackers and they want to take my money


01934062241 or +441934062241

Spammer commented 03/10/2020
Scumbag called me, after 4 s of making no sounds they hung up. Time-waster.


01942999888 or +441942999888

R Brent commented 03/10/2020
Spurious call from what appeared to be call centre but no verbal pick up so auto cut off


02253523802 or +442253523802

Carol commented 03/10/2020
Said they were from Amazon Prime. I don’t have Amazon Prime


01510839338 or +441510839338

John commented 03/10/2020
This is a scam with a message from the tax office saying you have defrauded on your tax and to call a number. A scam and a pretty poor one


01526595629 or +441526595629

Rosy Abazia commented 03/10/2020
contattata da questo numero relativamente al recupero dei capitali persi nel trading - trattasi di truffa


02380972023 or +442380972023

zak commented 03/10/2020
there are whatsapp messages being sent from this number asking for money , please block this number


01977216994 or +441977216994

Koman * commented 03/10/2020
Tell me who owns this phone number?


01952236000 or +441952236000

Satol * commented 03/10/2020
Constant calls late at night. I do not recommend answering such calls.


01615051435 or +441615051435

Lopastin * commented 03/10/2020
How do I locate my phone? Someone tell me?


01133204794 or +441133204794

Zera * commented 03/10/2020
From this number they call and are silent. Probably scammers.