Fixed phone number in Southampton Hampshire England UK +442382300022 or 02382300022


Kevin commented 21/11/2020
My computer locked and a message appeared on the screen stating that I should contact 0238230022 immediately. The person who answered the phone claimed to be a Microsoft technician and took me through various steps to unlock the system. He claimed that there would be a service charge of £7-99. Though I was reluctant to give my credit card and CVV number, I risked it anyway as the payment was on £7-99. The first credit card refused the payment then sent mr a fraud alert by SMS asking me if I had authorised a payment of £393-90. The guy on the phone claimed that this was an administrative error by the credit card company and they could onlt debit the £7-99 payment as shown on the Skrill portal. I tried a second credit card that requires entry of a five digit SMS code to confirm online transactions. The SMS again stated the payment claimed was £393-90. By this time, i closed the call and check that nothing had been debited from either account.

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