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Last comments


07898472436 or +447898472436

Dante commented 30/09/2020
scammer block the number


01302964451 or +441302964451

anonymous commented 30/09/2020
scam caller


07723986226 or +447723986226

john wiki commented 30/09/2020
I doubt that this phone number is used for fraudulent issues


07912357148 or +447912357148

Pimi commented 30/09/2020
WARNING this is tinder scammer - lure on investment app using pics of Chinese Weibo user @tuotuo(poor guy, have no idea his pics are used)


02031379299 or +442031379299

wobble commented 30/09/2020
Same story for me, I answer my Swiss mobile phone, an Indian-accented fellow requests to confirm who I am, then promptly hangs up. Someone's cleaning their database - if they call you, give someone else's name :)


01586250013 or +441586250013

XxX_DE commented 30/09/2020
Please help with this issue! I had a missed call!


01325720073 or +441325720073

Paul commented 30/09/2020
Cold caller. Named Arthur Trying to sell financial investments. Sounded v suspect


01242064763 or +441242064763

PMH commented 30/09/2020
Left no message. Fixed phone number in Cheltenham. Second such call from unidentifiable numbers to my phone in last half hour.


02074643659 or +442074643659

PMH commented 30/09/2020
Left no message - have looked up to see who it is. Only info I can find is that it is a fixed line number in Charing Cross area......


01267226761 or +441267226761

Alexander * commented 30/09/2020
Spam number about making money on trading platforms like Forex and cryptocurrencies