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This project «Find the caller» was created to receive information, positive or negative, about telephone numbers, comments and feedback on companies and the quality of their services, the exchange of information about SPAM, as well as various kinds of fraud. On our site you can get acquainted with the data of our telephone directory. Please note that this information is not 100% reliable, because it is written by the same visitors as you. In any case, this can help to avoid problems with unwanted calls or subscribers, as well as to warn against possible attempts of fraudulent actions or crimes. If you have useful information about a phone number or its owner, please leave a comment here. Our telephone directory is updated daily, which makes it possible to overcome people from deception, negative actions of scammers, and also get information in advance about the honest or dishonest phone number owners. Any data provided by you will help many people. The Administration thanks everyone for providing such information.

Last comments


07399653149 or +447399653149

B E Lodge commented 14/08/2020
Claiming to be from Nationwide about a payment from my account


03710869243 or +443710869243

J commented 14/08/2020
Linked me 'claim my injury', with link - ignored.


07399589667 or +447399589667

Sam commented 14/08/2020
had a text message saying that my £347.15 payment had been made frpm HSBC if i didn't authorize this transaction go to hbpayments/hsbc


07537166023 or +447537166023

Withheld commented 14/08/2020
Claims to be from HMRC, and threatening legal action unless I pressed 1.


01245807991 or +441245807991

Chafe commented 14/08/2020
An online Bitcoin mining site ( it's allegedly saying this is the company phone number. I have been trying to call the number all day but it's always say it's does not exist or not reachable


07379655350 or +447379655350

Anna commented 14/08/2020
jakis zboczeniec dyszy do telefonu i wypytuje o moje imie, przedstawia sie jako Karol, dzwoni i sie rozlacza, po czym odbiera telefon i dyszy do sluchawki . Dziwny typ, radze nie wdawac sie konwersacje .


07417822759 or +447417822759

P Manning commented 14/08/2020
Scam Claiming to be from Amazon. Asking you to press numbers for more info. Saying you are about to be charged an amount of money.


01133501589 or +441133501589

Vincent * commented 14/08/2020
I need the data of the company that owns this phone number to file a complaint with the police


01144280148 or +441144280148

Peter * commented 14/08/2020
This number is calling me and hangs up when I answer, are they mocking me?


01213060192 or +441213060192

Rob * commented 14/08/2020
It seems that my number got into the base of some call center and they constantly call me from this number