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Last comments


07393058128 or +447393058128

Anonymous commented 31/10/2020
Fake number. It’s a fraud.


07377286425 or +447377286425

Xxxx commented 30/10/2020
Apparently from Halifax?


01134710316 or +441134710316

Lena commented 30/10/2020
Probably a scam. I live in Sweden and know no one in Leeds.


07399953522 or +447399953522

Rpm commented 30/10/2020
Likely bank (Halifax) scam so beware of responding


08451341946 or +448451341946

Whiskers commented 30/10/2020
Called my mobile. Rang back on my home phone putting 141 in front to withhold my number. You get a message saying that " Customer services will ring you back soon". No chance of that. American/Filipino voice female then line closes. Can't be up to any good.


01268079285 or +441268079285

Amanda commented 30/10/2020
Received a missed call from this number. Tried to call back but no dial tone, would be nice to know who it was and most of all how they got hold of my number.


07380372956 or +447380372956

Heisenberg (not real name) commented 30/10/2020
SCAMMER. Pls report this to the police as early as possible. Asks you to purchase gift cards to activate PayPal transaction then promises you to pay after. Lesson learned


02088811575 or +442088811575

Bill commented 30/10/2020
Does'nt appear to be what Prince Keat thought!


07520622262 or +447520622262

Jonny commented 30/10/2020
This number is someone causing trouble and won't leave me and my misses alone I wanna know who it is


07932648543 or +447932648543

Georgia commented 30/10/2020
Scam saying my Halifax account is compromised .Really