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01884218707 or +441884218707

Nina commented 22/01/2021
Called me twice tonight and I live in Sweden??


02031500288 or +442031500288

Mixeil commented 22/01/2021
დიდი არაფერი დღეში ⁴ მაინცრეკავენ და მერომ დავრეკე დეპოზიტი გამინულა გუდოკზე სხვა არაპერი ისეთი


07932831026 or +447932831026

Karen commented 22/01/2021
A text from this number advised me that someone had added a recipient to my HSBC account and for me to confirm with them. I don't have an HSBC account!!!!!


07932617995 or +447932617995

Cole T commented 22/01/2021
Scam as I don’t have a PayPal account! - message says “ PayPal: We have limited your account due to safety concerns. Please visit before we are forced to close your account.”


02075300095 or +442075300095

Simon Sheppard commented 22/01/2021
Recorded message saying "You are being investigated for tax evasion fraud, please press 1 to stop these proceedings". I didn't press 1, I hung up.


02078347022 or +442078347022

David B commented 22/01/2021
Scam HMRC Tax Fraud Call


02030979268 or +442030979268

+442030979268 commented 22/01/2021
i want to know who are you You called me on this number 09387722576


07764200423 or +447764200423

Colin knott commented 22/01/2021
This number has called twice with recorded voice informing someone hacking into my tel a/c. Clearly a scam. Hang up immediately - do not follow instructions given.


07475651253 or +447475651253

Simon commented 22/01/2021
This started with a recorded message from Nation Insurance Administration office... regarding fraud on my number. Then a guy came on asking for my NI number. I asked for proof of who he was and he hung up


01769405871 or +441769405871

Ioanna commented 22/01/2021
They call me and I want to know who is behind this number.


07451207205 or +447451207205

Jake commented 22/01/2021
This # used by name Francis Leo thru Whatsapp and his telling also that he's working with company named Cryptocurrency Investment LLC. I believed he is a scammer and scammed my wife. I'm hoping to find who really he is. I'm poor husband from Philippines.


07904999650 or +447904999650

HENRY commented 22/01/2021
Being left a voicemail regarding a National insurance number being compromised


01217059080 or +441217059080

Antonio commented 22/01/2021
Ti chiama, ma non risponde nessuno. Penso sia meglio bloccarlo


07496643490 or +447496643490

Rather not thanks commented 22/01/2021
Text claiming a payee has been added to a Halifax account and giving a web address to contact. A scam.


01496022724 or +441496022724

Andreas commented 22/01/2021
Indian calling me and claiming to be from Microsoft support


07451288914 or +447451288914

Dushiyanthan commented 22/01/2021
I have received a message from and Instagram account, With sharing of confidential messaging trough Whatsapp, want to check weather true or prank message


07309264106 or +447309264106

Walter2020 commented 22/01/2021
Who are you?


07311882550 or +447311882550

ana matos commented 22/01/2021
this phone number is from a person (Felix )who tricked me. He rented me a house in Switzerland and stole 1400 euros from me. He never gave me the key to the apartment. be careful


07908094727 or +447908094727

X commented 22/01/2021
Allegedly from O2, but it’s not an O2 number. They want my bank details or they will cut my access.


02080897995 or +442080897995

Martin Hawes commented 21/01/2021