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07537103045 or +447537103045

jenny commented 08/08/2020
This phone number is used in fraudulent online adverts selling puppies that do not exist. the advert text and photos are copied from real adverts on other sites. this is a scam by someone saying his/her name is Rose Sperlings or Sofia Dawlins and uses the email address to receive money via PayPal as part of the scam


01223695588 or +441223695588

Peter commented 08/08/2020
It’s allegedly the HM tax office, fraud department, who want me to call them or ill be arrested?


07475932977 or +447475932977

Sulagna Pal commented 08/08/2020
Hii.. The phone owner name as he told is Rajiv Mallin.. He told he is from London. He met me through matrimony. Then very cunningly acted as love me and then acted as if he is in danger. Then took a good sum of money and banished.. Please help me if anyone knows him. He is a fraud


01603260198 or +441603260198

dony brianza commented 08/08/2020
who is it please?


07310894300 or +447310894300

James Smith commented 08/08/2020


01635792620 or +441635792620

Fannat * commented 08/08/2020
Unknown number, hidden for feedback. I'm looking for information whose phone number is.


01618841313 or +441618841313

Satol * commented 08/08/2020
Constant night calls, disturbing, disturbing sleep. When you call back, there is silence or reset.


03456723723 or +443456723723

Mark * commented 08/08/2020
I received a message on my phone that I had lost my documents and they are asking for money to return them to me. Do not believe it, scammers do this.


03456561234 or +443456561234

Donna * commented 08/08/2020
I want to know who owns this phone number.


03456402020 or +443456402020

Shirley * commented 08/08/2020
They called me and offered to get a loan. I think scammers.


07968137902 or +447968137902

Joy commented 08/08/2020
Une amie de longue date que je voudrais revoir. Elle s'appelle tiger lily royale.


07519775700 or +447519775700

Mook commented 07/08/2020
ส่งที่อยู่พร้อมจ่าย 10 kr. เพื่อส่งของ ไม่รู้ว่าจริงหรือป่าว เพราะอยู่คนละประเทศ


01435115937 or +441435115937

julia commented 07/08/2020
called randomly, no voicemail


01678449306 or +441678449306

Croatia commented 07/08/2020
This number called me in Croatia. I dont have anyone there.


01839892509 or +441839892509

phil commented 07/08/2020
about my bank account


03300540284 or +443300540284

GA commented 07/08/2020
I received a call from this number and when I called back an answering machine said that I have successfully installed something!!!


03457345345 or +443457345345

Richie * commented 07/08/2020
I ask you to stop your spam!


03459881188 or +443459881188

Jerry * commented 07/08/2020
Until I find out who this number belongs to, I will not answer


07415073903 or +447415073903

Yılmaz * commented 07/08/2020
I wonder what this number needs from me?


07492324410 or +447492324410

Gloria * commented 07/08/2020
I missed your call please call back.