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07957957819 or +447957957819

Ant commented 21/04/2021
How did you find out the persons name


07466295507 or +447466295507

Anonymous commented 21/04/2021
Yes, he is a scammer. Please don't trust him. I also received his message saying he is a pilot from UK. He have a group of people with him working out this scam. Please be careful.


01412582126 or +441412582126

Gilly commented 20/04/2021
A silent call no-one on the end, they haven't rung back, assume it's a scam call.


07000800293 or +447000800293

joe commented 20/04/2021
SPAM Call from UK, telling me I have charges against me.


07458770000 or +447458770000

Gilly commented 20/04/2021
Believe this is a scam, no-one there when I answered the phone. Not in my list of contacts. Had a lot of calls recently supposedly from BT worried about my internet connetion. One even came from the village I live in. I told them they could walk round and point out the problem, but didn't seem to like this and cut me off.


01616670071 or +441616670071

AD commented 20/04/2021
call answered, placed on hold and told to wait yourself the time just block it and move on.


07799066963 or +447799066963

Robbie commented 20/04/2021
Can you give me any information on this number please


07879636106 or +447879636106

* Anthony Rompca commented 20/04/2021
Got a call from this number 07879636106 claiming to be H.M. Customs and basically saying that if i did:nt press 1 on the telephone they would be coming to arrest me and lock me up for corruption and other things. I have BEEN called by these people before but usually on a London phone number ( 020 ) CAN BE QUITE FRIGHTENING if you your an older lady or gent , scammers.


07826820272 or +447826820272

Stephen Jackson commented 20/04/2021
I Had a Text from this number they said it was from Hermes


02045427660 or +442045427660

M.ESzter commented 20/04/2021
I don't know this number.... called me several times past days. I live in Hungary


02062578615 or +442062578615

S commented 20/04/2021
Scam caller


07956590223 or +447956590223

L L commented 20/04/2021
Claiming my National Insurance number has been misused.


07727432860 or +447727432860

Jayson commented 20/04/2021
this company is a shame rip of trading company whom will steal your money


03333381014 or +443333381014

Chazz * commented 20/04/2021
This number called me today all day, I got 10 calls


03333381062 or +443333381062

Gale * commented 20/04/2021
An unfamiliar voice said that he is our relative who is coming to us, but he was late for the bus and he needs money to get to us, which he will return upon arrival, this is a scam


03456081878 or +443456081878

David * commented 20/04/2021
I received a call with a message that a parcel was waiting for me in the mail, which I need to pay. I'm not waiting for any packages, I have no one to send them, so this is scam


08008021579 or +448008021579

Cuthbert * commented 20/04/2021
I suspect this is a romance scammer number


07440473803 or +447440473803

NOMSAH commented 20/04/2021


03335565566 or +443335565566

Aaron * commented 20/04/2021
As a result of searching for information about this phone number, I didn’t find out anything sensible


07914085132 or +447914085132

Ogunbisi Oluwatosin commented 20/04/2021
This number called me, but refused to pick up when I called back